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HD Videos



16th August


114 pics &
HD Video Clip

Buffy & Drew

All For Fun
High Definition Video
Buffy & Drew in All For Fun
7 mins 45 secs - 349 mb

Buffy down at the beach in a black Rukka mac and black Hunter wellies, Drew in the garden in a blue rain suit practicing rowing and waiting for the chance to take it onto the river. Then Drew again dressed in green nylon and wellies and out on the river on her paddle board, her latest fun toy.
Fully dressed or partially dressed in rainwear can both look very glamorous, either way is delightful as you can here. Kiti is wearing red rain trousers and wellies and a clear short red edged mac over her beautiful lingerie and is playing around on the pole dancing pole before she brings up the macs hood and then reveals her lingerie by undoing the mac and pulling down the trousers. Lavinia is out in town in a stunning retro style purple see thru mac which has a a huge skirt and high heeled boots, an outfit that gathered a lot of attention as she walked up into the city. Then comes Shannon in a clear white spotted hooded mac, tiny bra and knickers and high heeled shoes, leaving the mac open she hoods herself and tightens it as much as possible as many of the girls do of their own accord. Then there is Jade in a clear black spotted mac and high heels happy to pose and tied up the mac hood as tight as possible once again.
Everything we do here is just for fun and the reason the ladies keep coming back is because they find it so much fun as well. Here is Buffy in a black Rukka mac and black Hunter wellies, first playing around on the breakwaters and then in the edge of the sea, the whole time smiling and having lots of fun. Drew loved my boat but being unable to take it out at this time she decided she wanted to play around in it in the garden. So in a blue rain suit and heavy duty blue wellies she began to practice her rowing technique. The with her own paddle board she was dressed in a green nylon Peter Storm jacket and green Hunter wellies as she took her board out on the river on a beautiful summer evening and getting lots of admiration from the passing boats as she did so.



9th August


120 pics &
HD Video Clip

Violet & Shannon

The Right Time
High Definition Video
Violet & Shannon in The Right Time
9 mins 25 secs - 423 mb

It does always rain at the right time but when it does it is a case of getting outdoors as soon as possible. Violet in a red mac and silver boots and Shannon in a clear white spotted mac and then with a long purple cape added, both of these ladies wee having a very happy time out in the fields and the rain.
Three ladies looking very glamorous and well dressed and out in town. Jade is wearing a retro green mac with short black rubber boots and is out on a car forecourt as she wanted to see what she could not afford!! With the mac tightly belted, her sun glasses on the top of her head and the huge collar on the mac turned up she really does look quite stunning. Alexia is wearing a green Rukka mac and shiny black wellies on a very hot day and is down by the boats on the river estuary. Again looking very glamorous and happy she hoods herself and takes a walk along the harbour wall before taking a seat in front of the boat. Lavinia is in the town center by the market place wearing a shiny black trench coat and high heeled boots and liking the admiration she received from the passer byes as these pics were taken. A butterfly umbrella and matching rain hat were with her and the only thing that could have made things more perfect was for it to rain.
Clive likes to see the ladies dressed up in mac, wellies, gloves and hood but relaxing indoors which he says he finds quite delightful with the contrast of outdoor clothing while sitting around in the house. Here is Alexia doing just that while dressed in a white spotted mac, striped white wellies and white gloves all over her delightful outfit of short black dress and black patterned tights. Of course like so many other times when the girls have hooded themselves they cannot resist so many times to tighten the hood as much as possible which I know will please many others as well as Clive.



2nd August

140 pics &
HD Video Clip


Only Rubber
High Definition Video
Buffy in Only Rubber
11 mins 10 secs - 503 mb

Here is Buffy dressed in full rubber and out playing in the field. Wearing a knee length rubber jacket and black Hunter wellies she puts on a full length coat over the top, long rubber gloves and a sou'wester. Now playing in the long wet grass she was a very happy lady. Also a little of myself and Celeste both in rubber and with gas masks which is always a delightful rubber accessory.
Outdoors with Fay, a beautiful young lady who I have not seen for a while but is more than happy to be back on these pages. In a white retro mac and short black rubber retro wellies she is digging her booted feet into the soft mud around a ditch. In the macs pocket was a white rain bonnet which she tied onto her head and under her chin. Taking a seat on the edge of the grass she looks very demure and lovely dressed as she is. A red Rukka mac and short red wellies and climbing and walking on top of the straw bales admiring the view before hooding herself and sitting on the bales so she can show off her boots. Dressed in very bright purple hooded mac and purple Hunter wellies she loves my new purple garden seat and after testing this out she puts her feet up on the table showing off her mac, legs and boots in the most glorious way
It is always good to hear from yourselves as you find that you like things better than you did before. John T has always liked seeing tight hoods with the rainwear clad ladies but has found lately that he really likes hats, bonnets and umbrellas just as much and so would love to see more using these items. This goes perfectly with Keith who loves trench coats so here is Jade in a gold trench coat with black boots and gloves. First she is with a black edged umbrella and then with a shiny black rain hat matching her boots and gloves. Then comes Drew in a tightly belted and buttoned blue trench coat and she adds a blue spotted rain bonnet over her upturned collar.



26th July

136 pics &
HD Video Clip

Lavinia & Alexia

Water Babes
.High Definition Video
Lavinia & Alexia in Water Babes
7 mins 05 secs - 319 mb

Alexia is in the sea in just a short nylon hooded jacket and wellies and getting her boots full of water as the waves crash in around her and Lavinia is dressed in a blue rain suit and ends up swimming in the river as she was not content with just going for a paddle. Both ladies ending up soaked and having to tip out their water filled wellies.
A perfect result is when you have five ladies dressed and posed just as you see them here. Imogen is dressed in shiny black on a windy day and looking even more stunning after she had tightened the belt and hooded herself. Lily was very happy to pose in her white mac and the very popular, with the ladies, goldfish white wellies. For Celeste it was a blue nylon jacket and black rubber waders, the waders being a very popular item and with Celeste able to do the splits it is a good way to show off what she is wearing. For Elyssia it was a full wet rubber outfit with mac, boots, gloves and sou'wester and very happy to drape herself around the dance pole. For Blossom it was the addition of this gas mask which she could not resist after the 'Restricted Area' sign
JT, Bob and Soren are all yellow rainwear fans so I am very happy to post these delightful pics of Celeste and Violet that I hope they and all other yellow rainwear fans will enjoy. It was Soren who said it has to be always yellow for him and wants to see more of the yellow mac you see here as he loves the loose look as well. hence the title and the content of this gallery. Celeste is wearing hers with yellow Hunter wellies and has the mac belted and with the hood tightly tied. Violet is out on a hot day and out among the yellow rape crop before the harvest, which has to be the perfect location for such an outfit.



19th July

129 pics &
HD Video Clip

Lavinia & Alexia

Panting for It
High Definition Video
Lavinia & Alexia in Panting for It
11 mins 05 secs - 502 mb

I am lucky enough to have these two lovely bib pant outfits with matching rain jackets and two beautiful girls that look stunning in them. Lavinia is in red out in the fields and Alexia is in navy down on the beach. On hot summers days and with both of them full of happy smiles, what a wonderful life it is.
Water is never far away, nor should it be, when it comes to rainwear, so if it will not rain the sea, lakes and rivers are always the right places to go to on hot summers days. Jade is wearing a matt long blue hooded Rukka mac and red Dunlop wellies and she found some steps down to the river so had to enter the river just to get her boots wet. Buffy is all dressed in red and making her way down onto the beach with a little 'tight rope' walking along the beach protectors. Of course once at the waters edge and after hooding herself she could not resist stepping into the water either as wet wellies are always better than dry ones. Alexia, looking very glamorous in a see thru blue mac over her short dress and with blue wellies is down in park lake on a very hot day. Her outfit attracting a lot of attention on such a hot day which she found very pleasing. With the hood tied round her head and framing her face beautifully she looks absolutely stunning silhouetted against the sun.
With many thanks to Arne for sending these two beautiful bib pant outfits with matching jackets and arm protectors and to Lavinia and Alexis for looking so good in the, Lavinia is dressed in the red bib pants with red rubber gloves and the red arm protectors and she is out playing around in the newly cropped field which now have plenty of straw for her to play around in. Having a glass clear red edged mac with her she dons that and puts the arms protectors back on over the mac sleeves and up comes the hood before she continues to play. Alexia is in an identical outfit in navy and she is down on the beach looking very happy about everything, she also has a navy matching rain jacket which she puts on along with her back rubber gloves. Then hooded she is happy in the cool wind on a hot day until she finds some beautiful thistles to admire and get close to.



12th July

124 pics &
HD Video Clip

Jet & Imogen

Buckets of Fun
High Definition Video
Jet & Imogen - in Buckets of Fun
11 m ins 30 secs - 520 mb

A multi macked Jet and Imogen both wearing very wet macs and being cooled down and soaked with a water hose and buckets of water. A very reasonable thing to do on a hot day when the ladies need to be fully dressed and covered in layers of rainwear and as they found it lots of fun this sort of thing should be done as often as possible.
Heavily dressed and multi macked ladies are loved by many and do the macs not look even better when they are soaking wet and the ladies soaked after being dressed up. Jet is wearing a blue jacket with red trousers, rubber boots and gloves and a long yellow mac for starters and after the yellow mac is fully done up around her a very wet clear mac is added and after being triple hooded she is soaked with more water from a hose and buckets. After dragging over the inflatable dinghy and laying her wet self down in it she gradually starts to remove the mac showing off just how wet she is. Imogen is wearing a long red mac with a wet clear one, a wet purple see thru one and then a red see thru trench coat being worn backwards. Also rubber gloves, boots and then a gas mask are added to make sure she is water proof before she is soaked just like jet.
All sorts of rainwear on all sorts of ladies, always a very good thing to see. Buffy spotted the windmill and wanted to stop and have a look and while she was wearing a retro silver mac and short traditional wellies it had to be a great location to get these pics. Then our new lady Estella in a short orange rain jacket, coloured wellies and new orange rubber gloves and showing off just how lovely she is. Then comes Jade just managing to sit across the bench in the splits position in her long green mac and green Hunter wellies and then tightly hooded she was glad to be back on her feet again. A windy cold day and Jessica is wearing a long black plastic cape and black and white wellies, the cape looking even better in the wind as it always does. A very smart Emily in a beige riding trench coat along with red gloves and boots. These macs always looking very glamorous when they are buttoned and tightly belted.



5th July

123 pics &
HD Video Clip

Violet, Drew, Jade

Shiny Black Rubber
High Definition Video
Violet, Drew, Jade in Shiny Black Rubber
9 mins 35 secs - 432 mb

Three ladies in black very shiny rainwear rubber. Violet in a long heavy duty mac and new shiny rubber boots, Drew in waders and a short rubber coat and Jade fully fastened into her long coat. All the ladies with shiny black rubber sou'westers and gloves, of course.
When RF sent me a pair of new very shiny black rubber boots it made me realise that a lot of my rubber clothing and boots needed shining as well, so that is what has been done and the ladies love it. Violet has always been a rubber fan and in a very heavy loose fitting black rubber coat and the new boots from RF she was in her element and she would have happily kept on this this outfit all morning had it not been so hot. Drew looks beautiful in her long shiny Hood waders and shorter rubber coat and she is testing out my refurbished garden seat and I am snot sure whether she admired the garden seat or the waders the most. Jade was very happy happy to be dressed in full heavy rubber and danced her way across the park reveling in her outfit. The mac was tightly belted and buttoned including the neck and wrist straps which she particularly liked and again was in no hurry to take the outfit off.
This is a case of mix and match with a rainwear touch. The stunning Malika is wearing just a glass clear trench coat and matching hat along with her beautiful lingerie and black Hunter wellies. This combination looking perfect when out in the sun on a hot summers day and with the mac open or closed there is no doubt about how beautiful she is. For Victoria it was a blue hooded mac and blue wellies and she then reveals her topless body when undoing the mac to see she is only wearing a pair of shorts. With the hood up, sunglasses on and the mac open, the view keeps on getting better and better. It was a cold winters day fro Jet but that did not stop her from coming outdoors in a clear mac and lingerie and the passing cars seemed to enjoy the scene as well. Yellow plastic trousers and jacket for Elle and one of the hottest days of the year so she was entitled to remove her jacket which meant showing off her enormous beautiful breasts which can only be a good thing.



28th June

132 pics &
HD Video Clip


New Boots
High Definition Video
Helena - in New Boots
6 m ins 50 secs - 306 mb

These shiny beautiful black rubber boots have just arrived from RF to whom I am eternally grateful and to go with the shiny boots has to be a very shiny black rubber mac, gloves and sou'wester. This combination looking so good that it is going to make me shine a lot more of the macs and boots.
Buffy loves the beach and spends as much time as possible on it as she can during the summer. Adding rainwear to the equation only makes it more fun for her and nothing ever takes the smile away from her face. Testing out the sea on an overcast day in a short purple cape she was surprised how warm it was so was keen to make the most of her time playing in the surf. In a short clear rain jacket over her shorts and bra top and black Hunter wellies she looks very stunning and as the dark clouds moved overhead it looked like it was going to rain so her hood went up in preparation, but to no avail. On the promenade among the coloured beach huts she put on a nylon jacket and then proceeded to play and drape herself across the railings. By the time she was on the cliff top the sun had come out so it was a 60's style bright coloured mac with bright coloured wellies to go with the now bright day.
Phil, John G and GoPh all love to see the ladies fully covered and layered to please so here is Lavinia in black plastic trousers and top with a clear mac over that and then a clear spotted one over that. Her macs are wet and glistening and she slowly undoes her top macs leaving herself hooded to show off what she is wearing underneath. Note her black plastic boot covers that match her outfit, lovely. Elyssia is wearing a wet clear hooded mac over a long blue hooded mac and with black rubber boots and gloves. She first ties up one hood and then the second covering her beautifully and again the wet macs shining in the bright light. More fully dressed and layered ladies on the way.



21st June

128 pics &
HD Video Clip

Imogen, Victoria, Violet, Estelle

Loving Ladies
High Definition Video
Imogen, Victoria,Violet, Estella in Loving Ladies
6 mins 45 secs - 301 mb

Two pairs of ladies loving each other company and loving their time in their macs and boots which seems to only encourage them and their sense of fun. Both occasions on hot days and each couple finding their own way to enjoy their time together, Imogen and Victoria in blue macs over their lingerie and Violet and Estella splashing and playing in the water
It is so lovely to see the ladies loving and enjoying each other so much and with Imogen and Victoria in long blue see thru macs over their lingerie and pink rubber boots on a very hot day, they both look so beautiful and glamorous. With the macs fully buttoned and the ladies hooded they began to remove their macs, leaving the hoods up after they had sat onto the grass which only encouraged them to get very close and wrap themselves around each other. Indoors in long black see thru macs and black and white wellies the same thing happened when there was only one chair. Sitting on each others lap and more cuddling and kissing followed as well as revealing their bare booted legs. The boat paddling pool was ready for Violet and her friend Estella who was coming around for the first time and it was meant to be another hot day. The sun did not shine but that did not stop them both from dressing in long heavy duty navy macs and then soaking each other by splashing and kicking water over each other. Estelle loved it so I am happy to say I have another lovely beautiful and very willing covert to the cause.
Six more times of the ladies dressed to please. Ruby is outdoors on a hot summers day in a long red hooded mac which does silhouette very nicely against the sun. Siren looking lovely in a beige trench coat with the delightful addition of a rain bonnet. Emily is in an ankle length shiny yellow hooded mac and yellow wellies and she does what so many of the ladies like to do and that is to tighten the hood as tight as possible down over their head and eyes. Elyssia is wearing a red rain jacket and trousers and looking extra delightful as the jacket is soaking wet. Malika looks very stunning in her silver hooded and silver Hunter wellies over her black lingerie. She slowly reveals her lingerie and then shows off her boots which she has grown very fond of. Finally comes Victoria in a long red shiny hooded mac which compliments her red wellies and red lips perfectly. This lady is very happy to be here and you will be seeing a lot more of her.



14th June

124 pics &
HD Video Clip

Jade & Buffy

Ladies Wading
High Definition Video
Jade & Buffy - in Ladies Wading
10 m ins 05 secs - 453 mb

Two ladies wading, one in the river and one in the edge of the sea. Jade is in heavy duty Hood waders and a red nylon cagoule and out in the middle of the river, enjoying herself so much she had to take a few pics of the view. Buffy is down at the sea in green waders with a green nylon jacket and happily kicking her way through the surf.
The title should really be 'Cold & Hot' as it was freezing day when Jessica was out in the field and was grateful for the second mac as plastic plastic macs in a cold wind are not always the most practical when they are unlined. This still did not stop her enjoying herself though. A very cold wind on top of the cliff for Violet so a long pink hooded mac and pink wellies did not help much against the cold but the pics were well worth the trouble, am sure Violet felt the same way! For Celeste it was summer dress, a clear mac, wellies and sun glasses and in a field of nearly ripe crops on a very hot day, this combination of rainwear in the hot sun is always a sight I love to see. The sun would not stay out for Buffy but as she was dressed in a green Rukka mac and black Hunter wellies she did not mind. She very happily played about on the wave breakers and in the surf and sand, always with a constant smile on her face, as you can see.
James says he has been around along time and fondly remembers Sarah Foster Tate a fetish model who done a lot of swim cap modeling. Has always loved the white caps but finds the red ones very exciting as well. He has asked to see a red swim cap with red rubber gloves and red rubber boots with red lingerie but no mac. Elle did not have red lingerie but this red swimming costume does look so good her and looks wonderful with the red rubber. James says he is not sure if it is a rainwear request or not. It does not matter, Elle looks wonderful and is a great summer sight. Also a few pics of Drew in a red cap with a red riding mac, another combination which always looks good.



7th June

143 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helena, Elle, Celeste, Violet

Fun with Umbrellas
High Definition Video
Helena, Elle, Celeste, Violet in Fun with Umbrellas
9 mins 10 secs - 415 mb

It is always fun to play around with umbrellas even when it is not raining and having company at the same time makes the fun even better. Being fully dressed has to be part of the scene and with myself and Elle in white, Celeste in navy and Violet in green it is time to play with the best rainwear accessory available.
Umbrellas have to be the best accessory for any rainwear outfit, they are so practical, useful and beautiful and do make such fun items to play with. Elle and myself were both dressed in white spotted macs and white wellies with clear and white edged umbrellas. Then here is Celeste is a heavy duty navy mac and wellies with a navy umbrella and she is out on top of the straw bales. It was very warm and sunny day so Celeste in wearing sunglasses as well as she walks down the bales before taking a seat to show off her bare booted legs. Then comes Violet out in the rain in a red mac and umbrella and then in the garden in wet green nylon and a green umbrella which she enjoys playing with. Lavinia id dressed in blue and with two matching blue umbrellas, giving her double the pleasure. It is meant to be unlucky to open umbrellas indoors but with Elyssia in an orange jacket and boots she had to have the orange umbrella to go with it. On a windy cliff top and Buffy is dressed in a bright multi coloured mac with a multi coloured umbrella. It was not really that windy that the umbrella was going to be blown away, she said she was just practicing for a strong wind.
All of my ladies are shining examples of how wonderful my ladies can look when they are dressed for these pages. The gorgeous blonde Emily is wearing a shiny leopard coat with short black wellies on her bare legs and looking even better after the coat has been buttoned and the collar turned up. Jet loves to be wrapped up so when wearing a metallic mac with a large hood she could not resist pulling the hood down tight over her face and then adding a gas mask, just because she could. A red Rukka mac and red Hunter wellies for Celeste and a river to kick her way through on a hot spring day. Very wet heavy duty rubber for Shannon for two reasons. One is because heavy duty rubber always looks good and two because wet rubber looks even better. Then finally a little of Ruby trying on a red mac on her first visit to the mac attic.


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