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HD Videos


17th October


150 pics &
HD Video Clip


Dark & Beautiful
High Definition Video Featuring Lavinia
10 mins 50 secs - 490 mb

Having a lot of disposable macs and with Lavinia unable make her mind up which colour she likes the best so she had to wear all three at the same time with heavy duty wellies. Green then the blue, with her having a little problem with the wind and then the orange one on top. With her triple hooded she wanted to climb the big oak tree which was very enjoyable to watch. I have so many black berries in the garden this year and Lavinia loves them so with her in a bright red hooded mac and gloves she helped herself and then smeared some down her coat and through her gloves for a delightful effect.
It is now the end of summer so getting many more pics like this will be rather difficult for the next few months. The ladies to look so good in the sun in macs and boots, the contrast of weather and clothing is exciting to see. Jade loves this black and white mac zip up coat and she does look good with black and white wellies as well. The sun was shining so her sun glasses added a touch of glamour and the village green seat provided a perfect prop for added glamour. Buffy is out among the sun dunes in a blue mac, hat and wellies. It was boiling hot so she was not wearing much underneath, but was till happy to keep her mac on. Violet is on the beach in a green nylon jacket over her bathing costume and she is bare legged and wearing nothing else. Hooding herself against the hot sun and climbing onto the wave breakers gave her lots of amusement and was very happy to be here. Mallory was very brave as it was the hottest day of the year and she is in an ankle length purple see thru mac and rubber boots. The mac is hooded and belted which again proves rainwear in the sun is just wonderful to see.
Lavinia is always beautiful no matter what she is wearing or what she is doing and here being dressed in rainwear, even if it is out in the hot sun is just proving the point. Having recently purchased a lot more disposable macs Lavinia could not make her mind up which colour she likes the best so she had to wear all three at the same time. A sunny but windy day was the perfect environment so coupled with heavy duty wellies first one on was the green one, then the blue, with her having a little problem with the wind and then the orange one on top. With these poppered up and with her triple hooded she wanted to climb the big oak tree which was very enjoyable to watch. Wind and sun again on the cliff top and Lavinia is in a metallic navy trench coat with black wellies and hat, the mac is tightly belted and she has to hang onto her hat. The idea of using the umbrella for wind protection soon failed as the wind turned the umbrella inside out. I have so many black berries in the garden this year and Lavinia loves them so with her in a bright red hooded mac and gloves she helped herself and then smeared some down her coat and through her gloves for a delightful effect.


10th October


128 pics &
HD Video Clip

Jet, Vixxen, Kat, Helena

Love in Macs
High Definition Video FeaturingJet, Vixxen, Kat, Helena
8 mins 25 secs - 378 mb

Two ladies getting together in macs and boots is such a delightful thing and is something that we all enjoy as you can see here. With Jet and Vixxen in blue plastic trench coats and short black wellies and out on a blue plastic sheet with blue umbrellas for good measure. They add matching rain bonnets and then a continue with an umbrella sword fight. Then there is Kat and myself in red hooded macs and red boots out in the sun and getting as close to each other as possible.
Kiti's basement in her pub was flooded so a little time to take advantage of that fact meant mac and wellies while she decided how to go about a clear up. A bright yellow nylon rain jacket fro Buffy on a hot day out in the sun and give her anything to climb on and she will do it. So hooded and on top of the straw bales she looks quite delightful and happy with what she is doing. A very glamorous Kat in a gold trench coat with red Hunter wellies finds a red spotted clear rain bonnet in the pocket and she ties that onto her head which only adds to her glamorous image. Drew has said how much she loves tight fitting hoods so here she is in a black rubber swim cap to go with her black rubber boots and gloves and a lovely loose fitting black and white spotted mac. Jade is wearing a matt red long hooded Rukka mac with her white boots and gloves and catching a little sun. Her sunglasses adding a lovely touch.
Laurent sent me this beautiful red very glamorous mac which suits Violet perfectly. Coupled with red rubber boots, she puts on red rubber gloves pulling them as tight as possible and then straps a red rubber swim cap onto her head, again making sure it is pulled very tight. The mac is then fully buttoned and the collar is turned up with the result being she really does look quite stunning. The combination of trench coats and swim caps will please lots of people, especially, Alastair, James, Seb T and Ryan. I do seem to be collecting many more swim cap fans, which can only be a good thing.


3rd October


128 pics &
HD Video Clip


Having Fun
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby
8 mins 20 secs - 375 mb

Ruby is always willing to have a little dressing up fun and if that means a short jacket and boots to show off her body or being fully and heavily dressed in rubber or macs, she does not mind as she loves it all. In an old park band stand she shows off her legs and bottom in her red jacket and wellies and then goes wading in full heavy rubber before wrapping herself in a heavy duty navy mac.
Dressed or undressed the ladies can look very glamorous with in macs, capes and boots. The beautiful Elle is sitting on a table, topless in her pink lingerie with a long silver hooded mac undone around her body and she is with silver rubber boots on her bare legs. Showing off her huge breasts or having the mac pulled tightly around her provides a stunning sight. It was silver for Emily as well but it was a cape this time with silver Hunter wellies over her fishnet covered legs. Again with the cape pulled up and Emily bent over or covering her completely it provides stunning pics. A hot sunny evening for jade in a very short tartan skirt with a purple see thru cape and purple wellies, with the bright sun and Jade in sun glasses and hooded it again proves how glamorous and beautiful ladies in rainwear can look, even when covered up. Vixxen is wearing just tiny bra and knickers and has on a long white spotted see thru mac and spotted boots. This new lady is beautiful and has a body to match so seeing her like this mostly undressed and macked is just wonderful. Whether the hood is loose or very tightly pulled down over her head, you can decide which you like best.
Ruby loves to dress up and has many exotic clothes of her own including the lingerie she is wearing here. Out on a band stand in a retro zip up very short bright red rain jacket and red Hunter wellies on her bare legs she could not resist pulling up the jacket to reveal her lingerie and bending over to reveal her botty, a sight I do not think anybody will complain about. Dressed in full heavy rubber down at the river wearing waders, coat, gloves and sou'wester she enters the river for a little splashing about. Then with her hair tucked into the mac and the sou'wester tied under her chin she had to show off her outfit while buttoned and belted. In a heavy navy mac she first sat onto the brick pillar and then strolled along to the bench after tightly hooding herself, this hood framing her face perfectly. From the seat she had to take a quick walk down the low parapet and rest herself against the wall.


26th September


134 pics &
HD Video Clip

Violet, Jet, Elle

Adding a Bonnet
High Definition Video Featuring Violet, Jet, Elle
11 mins 35 secs - 526 mb

Three ladies in their macs and boots and adding a rain bonnet as they go. Violet is out in the mud in a sliver mac and she puts on a peaked clear bonnet tied off at the back of her head. Jet is on the sofa in a blue trench coat and blue wellies and first puts on a clear but blue spotted bonnet and then a heavier blue one. A black see thru mac for |Elle and she adds a retro black bonnet over her collar while she is out in the sun.
Ladies in trousers and suits is a sight which is very pleasing to many so her are five lovely ladies looking rather gorgeous dressed up in their jackets and trousers. First there is a few shots of Malika in see thru yellow trousers tucked into her yellow wellies and a matching jacket. With her being hooded as well it is easy to understand why people like to see the ladies dressed and covered like this. For Elle it was all white and pulling up her jacket to show off her trousers was a good idea. With one foot up on the table and with her legs apart it is again a great way to see this lady. Bright red bib pants for Jet over a red jacket with red rubber glove sand arm protectors and she has her trousers tucked into her heavy black wellies. She hoods herself which adds an extra degree of delightful protection to this heavy duty outfit. See thru blue trousers and jacket fro Jade over her lingerie and she is out in the garden showing off her bottom and figure under her trousers as she bends over and sits herself onto the grass. Emily is out in the sun in clear trousers and hooded jacket over her underwear and her bending over reveals her fishnet covered legs in the most lovely way.
A cold wet and muddy day for Violet out in her silver retro mac and black rubber boots. She takes a peaked rain bonnet from her pocket and ties in on her head over her upturned collar and tied it at the back of her head, all of this to help keep out the cold as she climbs up the earth mound and takes a seat on it. Jet is indoors wearing a blue plastic trench coat and blue Hunter wellies, After doing up the mac she first ties a clear blue spotted rain bonnet onto her head and happily admires herself in the mirror. Then comes a different blue one and you can decide which one is best. A sunny day for Elle and she is outdoors in the sun a long see thru black mac with black wellies and gloves and sun glasses. She adds a retro rain bonnet onto her head and again ties it at the back over her collar and this with the sun glasses does look so very appealing as rainwear in the sun always does so.


19th September


128 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ruby, Violet, Jet

Face Hooding
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby, Violet, Jet
10 mins 15 secs - 465 mb

Suggesting to the ladies the idea of hooding themselves over their faces was met with a lot of genuine enthusiasm so Ruby with a yellow hood on a mac worn backwards, Violet with a clear hood on backwards and then jet more than happy to face hood herself with the white rubber swim caps. The effect of this with the hoods expanding and being sucked in is quite delightful to see.
Seven rainwear dressed up ladies for your approval, which I hope you do as much as I do. Fay is in a yellow belted and hooded Rukka mac with red wellies and gloves, this combination being always appealing to see, especially when the lady is belted, buttoned and hooded in the mac. Drew is taking a seat on the chest of draws in a long pink hooded mac and striped wellies, a good way to show off her boots as well as the mac. Then there is Elyssia in the garden in a green patterned 'hippy' mac with gold Hunter wellies, a bright outfit for a bright sunny day. Jade is enjoying herself in several macs with boots and gloves just for the fun of it. Alexia is out in the woods next to her house in a see thru striped mac and black Hunter wellies and as always she looks very glamorous. Vixxen is wearing a see thru blue rain jacket and she is with blue wellies on her bare legs and loves to be surrounded by all the macs. Finally a very happy Imogen in a long pink hooded mac, liking these long loose fitting macs with the big hoods best of all.
Suggesting to the ladies the idea of hooding themselves over their faces was met with a lot of genuine enthusiasm so a double macked Ruby in a long clear mac with a yellow one on backwards over the top pulls up the yellow hood over her face and the clear hood. Then as she breathes into the hood sucking it into her mouth she tightens the hood as much as possible. Violet is also double macked with a clear one on backwards over a blue striped and she happily does the same as Ruby tightening the hood against her face as much as could be done. For Jet it was white rubber swim caps as she loves the smell and feel of rubber. In her white mac she first straps a cap onto her head after caressing and playing with the caps and then pulls another one under her chin and up over her face sealing herself into the rubber. Her breathing inflates and sucks in the hood as she grabs up the other caps to play with as well.


12th September


128 pics &
HD Video Clip


Working Lady
High Definition Video Featuring Helena
15 mins 40 secs - 708 mb

Chores always need to be done and sometimes it is fun to dress up when you have to do them. In these cases cleaning dirty macs with a pressure washer I was necessary to dress in a shiny brown hooded mac, wellies and gloves. A little floor cleaning and feather dusting was done in a light blue plastic trench coat with blue Hunter wellies and walking the dog was completed in a shiny leopard print mac and purple lace up wellies.
It is always lovely to see smiling ladies when they appear here, after all dressing up is something we all love to do. Jade found a few fury friends to sidle up to while wearing a red nylon rain jacket and red wellies and with her very short dress tucked up inside the jacket leaving her legs and tights covered bottom on display seemed to please the cows as well. Then she added a long hooded red nylon coat over her jacket providing a lovely sight as she scaled the fence and wandered down the road. Flame was on top of the straw bales in a long black see thru hooded mac and she could not resist pulling up the mac to reveal her fishnet covered legs. Bright sunshine and an oversize pink mac for Buffy and very happy as the loose fitting mac was not too hot and she loves to hood herself. A very happy Violet in her black see thru cape with shiny black wellies and with sunglasses adding her her outfit quite superbly. She felt she looked good which made her so happy. Making the ladies happy as well as yourselves is what this is all about.
There is always work to be done in my life and suitable clothing has to be a good idea. Having to hose down dirty macs means you need to be well covered so a long hooded and belted shiny brown mac with wellies and gloves were a must, with the hood neatly tied under my chin, of course. Housework in a light blue plastic trench coat with light blue Hunter wellies and blue rubber gloves was just for fun. After the hoovering and dusting had been done, seat with my feet up followed so I could show off my boots as well. Out to walk the dog in a shiny leopard print knee length rain coat with lace up wellies on a windy day, wellies and mac being a daily occurrence for this chore and the only decision I have to make is which mac and which wellies.


5th September


138 pics &
HD Video Clip

Emily & Violet

Rukka'd in Green
High Definition Video Featuring Emily & Violet
6 mins 25 secs - 288 mb

Beautiful green Rukka macs on beautiful ladies and both out on beautiful days. Emily is out in the sun after a storm and splashing about in puddles in her mac and green Hunter wellies. Hooded and belted and looking particularly lovely as she shows off her bare legs. Violet is out on one of the hottest days of the year trying to push straw bales around while fully dressed and hooded in her Rukka and shiny black wellies. Her sun glasses adding a glamorous touch to this lovely scene.
It is great to have Kiti back again after a long absence and is over the moon that with her new job she now has the time to appear here. To celebrate her return a day out had to be the best idea so as she is now living on the coast it had to amusement parks and the beach. In a shiny black hooded and belted black plastic mac and green wellies on her bare legs the first stop was the dinosaur go-cart track to admire the prehistoric monsters. Then in a long heavy duty navy mac it was time to do one of her favourite things and that was to kick about in puddles before grabbing a seat on the kiddies dodgems and then with an ice cream visiting and loving up to a few super heroes. Onto the beach in orange rain trousers and a lovely Helly Hansen orange rain jacket and then splashing around again and finding an orange life support ring that perfectly matched her outfit.
Waders are loved by so many and it is always a delight to feature them and now with Robert asking to see Fay in waders and also for Bob, CaW, Roger F, Jon B, John K and all other wader fans it is a pleasure to see Fay and Violet dressed like this. Fay is wearing full rubber with the yellow tipped LaCrosse waders, a tightly belted mac, gloves and sou'wester made her very happy as well. A happy smiling Violet is wearing the same waders with a long clear trench coat and is very happy to show them off by kicking her legs in the air and spreading her legs as wide apart as possible.


29th August


136 pics &
HD Video Clip

Malika & Jet

Many & Wet
High Definition Video Featuring Malika & Jet
10 mins 05 secs - 483 mb

Malika is first dressed in a long black mac with a clear one over the top. She then adds a long yellow one and finally a red plastic trench coat. All the macs are very wet and after all the macs are fully done up around her and she is triple hooded she continues to soak herself with the water hose. Jet is also wearing four macs, pink, black and purple with a yellow one on her backwards. This means after she is triple hooded she pulls up the yellow hood to cover her face and enjoy a little breath play.
Five ladies looking very lovely in their macs and boots just as they always do. Alexia looks very glamorous in a long shiny black trench coat with Hunter wellies and a matching rain hat. With the mac tightly belted and her showing off her bare legs is just the icing on the cake. Possibly the hottest day of the year and Mallory is at the beach in an ankle length navy hooded mac and black wellies. The fact the mac made her so hot she found quite enjoyable as well as being tightly hooded. Jet is wearing a long loose fitting yellow hooded mac and yellow Hunter wellies and is having a great time rolling around on the carpet in front of the fireplace. It was not quite a mac for Fay but a blue Peter Storm rain jacket with red wellies and red gloves and being tightly hooded and her dress tucked up inside the jacket to show off her legs and boots has to be a good thing. It was starting to get dark so a white mac for Jade was just perfect and it made her very happy as she thinks it makes her look so innocent.
Malika is first dressed in a long black mac with a clear one over the top. She then adds a long yellow one and finally a red plastic trench coat to go with her black boots and gloves. All the macs are very wet and after all the macs are fully done up around her and she is triple hooded she continues to soak herself with the water hose. Then finishing off with rolling around on the grass providing a very delightful sight being fully dressed like this. Jet is also wearing four macs, pink, black and purple with a yellow one on her backwards. Again all the macs are wet and well secured around her body and after she is triple hooded she pulls up the yellow hood to cover her face to enjoy a little breath play. The hood being sucked into her mouth with the help of her rubber gloves was something she delighted in.


22nd August


130 pics &
HD Video Clip

Violet & Jet

Waders for Fun
High Definition Video Featuring Violet & Jet
12 mins 55 secs - 585 mb

Fun in waders for Violet and Jet and very lovely they look too. Violet is at the beach in a swimming costume, black rubber swim cap, jacket and waders and being a hot day she goes into the sea deep enough to flood her waders which she then empties out on the beach. Full heavy rubber for jet and a water hose to wet her outfit and fill up her waders with water which she then also empties out.
These beautiful ladies look amazing and it shows that you do not always need to be undressed to show off how clamorous you can look. Jade is wearing a light blue plastic trench coat with dark blue wellies and gloves and peeling back her mac to show off her bare legs, bringing her leg high up the wall and sliding down the wall with her legs apart proves this so well. A topless Emily has on just black knickers, a leopard print plastic jacket and shiny black boots and showing off her outfit and body at the same time as she hoods herself. Ruby is in a fully buttoned and belted gold trench coat and gold rubber boots and again proves how beautiful you can look when fully dressed and pull back your mac to show off your stockings and underwear. Jet is wearing tiny black bra and knickers with a glass clear mac with black rubber boots and gloves. Out on the door steps among the hanging baskets she looks glorious and must look very appealing to all clear mac lovers.
Jon says he has never asked for a request before but now asks for more pics of the ladies in short jackets and boots if possible, but can it always be with wellies. Of course it is possible and a delight to do as in this hot weather jackets and wellies look absolutely stunning. First comes Kat in a blue plastic see thru jacket over her lingerie and blue lace up wellies on her bare legs. Then here is Emily in a clear jacket with purple Hunter wellies on her jeaned legs. Then Buffy in a blue nylon hooded jacket and short blue wellies on her bare legs and playing about climbing trees and then tightly hooding herself.


15th August


134 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ruby, Mallory, Buffy

Always Reddy
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby, Mallory, Buffy
11 mins 25 secs - 517 mb

Ladies dressed in bright red rainwear is just a lovely sight and it is certainly one of the most popular colours. Here there is first Ruby covered in a full length loose fitting red mac, wellies and gloves and looking even more delightful when fully hooded. A very hot day for Mallory but a full red outfit with a gas mask for the beach. Then Buffy in a red Rukka playing and washing other Rukka macs in the surf.
Lots of hot sunny days all summer but still the ladies are happy to dress in macs and boots, which is really lucky and very appealing as rainwear in the bright sun really is a very attractive sight. Violet is wearing a see thru blue mac over her summer dress and is with grey wellies and tightly hoods herself around her sun glasses before going out in the sun where she is perfectly silhouetted against the hot sun. The low evening sun and Jade is looking very glamorous in a matt red hooded mac and playing and sitting on the boating pond edge. The combination of bare legs and feet with a hooded mac is quite stunning. Buffy is strolling across the beach wearing a reversible blue/yellow cape with blue and yellow wellies. She kicks and jumps her way through the water and has to reverse the cape to show off both sides.
I have had requests for capes before and for gas masks but do not think I have had one for gas masks with capes, until now that is. Robin has been a member for a long while and this is his first request as he says this is something that is hard to fine. Has always been a gas mask fan and couples with capes, he finds very attractive. Absolutely delighted to post these pics. First with Fay in a tartan cape and tartan wellies and then myself, very happily in two different gas masks with a long green cape. Then Violet in my newest black cape with shiny black boots and finally on the beach gas masked in a light blue cape.


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