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HD Videos


20th March


130 pics &
HD Video Clip


Silver Suited
High Definition Video Featuring Lavinia
8 mins 30 secs - 383 mb

Lavinia is wearing a very tight fitting silver morf suit which leaves just her eyes and mouth and mouth showing and showing off how wonderful her body is. With silver |Hunter wellies on her feet she dons a silver silver hooded mac leaving this lady entirely covered in silver. Then outdoors she is wearing a see thru red trench coat over the suit and has on red wellies and gloves and has added a red rain hat and umbrella. A wonderful fetish rainwear sight.
Five more rainwear clad beauties to be enjoyed. Lavinia was very happy to pose and play around with the wellies and happy about the fact the mac and boots she was wearing were bright red.. Sitting herself among the boots and then pulling up her hood before gathering the boots around her and then onto her lap and body until she was almost covered in wellies. Vixxen is out in the garden in an orange rain suit with a clear open long mac over the top. Heavy duty work clothes always look good on a beautiful lady. A gas masked violet wearing a yellow plastic trench coat with yellow boots and a yellow rain hat, the gas mask having a yellow filter fits in perfectly. Fay wanted to show off her new gym outfit and it looks even better with shiny black rubber boots and a knee length clear mac. Then comes Mallory wearing an all blue outfit with hooded mac, boots, gloves and umbrella and when fully dressed and covered with the umbrella open, it is what this site is all about.
A while ago I posted some pics of me in a yellow Rukka out as the sun was going down providing a beautiful sunset that we are lucky enough to get quite often. Since I posted those pics Neil S has been asking to see more like that so here is Violet just as the sun was disappearing. A few minutes later than planned but with her in a long clear mac and a dramatic sky the view from the park balcony was perfect. The mac was tightly belted and she was silver booted and with a silver umbrella. After hooding herself she opened up the umbrella after the sun had gone down making her clear mac and silver outfit very stunning against the night.


13th March


162 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ruby & Lavinia

Finding the Mud
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby & Lavinia
10 mins 10 secs - 460 mb
Ruby is wearing a specialised glass clear knee length mac and black Hunter wellies and has found some mud at her local park. After muddying her boots she pulls up the zip to her nose and then decides to reverse the mac so her face is fully covered as she continues to enjoy her surroundings. A bright red and heavily dressed Lavinia was very happy to roll around in her mud even though it was a very cold, wet and windy day making the muddy result very pleasing to see.
Getting out in rubber coats, capes and macs is what it it is all about and these three ladies are showing everybody how wonderful they look too. For Lavinia it is a belted tight fitting rubber coat with short black rubber wellies and black rubber gloves and sou'wester. Both standing and sitting by the river with her hair hanging out of the sou'wester she looks very feminine and happy. As there was a cold wind she turned up the collar of the coat after tucking her hair in the coat and retied the sou'wester over the collar, which was a lovely way to help keep the wind out. Buffy is high up by the sea and as there was strong wind it had to be a long red cape as capes in the wind always makes a better scene. The red cape looking good with her black Hunter wellies. When hooding herself she tightened the hood down over her eyes so she could still see through the clear visor but had extra protection from the wind. Fay is wearing a very old retro navy mac with navy wellies and gloves and wanted to have a little play on this new playground. With the mac fully zipped up and her waist and hood tightened by the draw strings she found several ways to amuse herself including playing at goal keeping! A wet day so had to rush outside before the rain stopped to get a few pics in my gorgeous red red trench coat, hat and wellies and spent a few minutes dodging the cars.
A little more nylon rainwear which I hope Roger and Cliff will enjoy along with all other nylon fans of course. Jessica is out in the sun in a red nylon cagoule with blue nylon trousers and jacket over the cagoule. She is in an environment that she spends a lot of her time as horses are the big love of her life. Her outfit is also very similar to what she wears so much of the time looking after her animals. Hooded, long rubber gloves and with sun glasses all adds to the delight of seeing her like this. Flavia loved the green boots she is wearing and a short green nylon jacket to go with them looks delightful. The short Regatta jacket appearance being enhanced by her tights covered legs and with the hood pulled up it becomes obvious why nylon rainwear looks so good.


6th March


120 pics &
HD Video Clip

Lavinia, Violet, Helena

Rukka's Forever
High Definition Video Featuring Lavinia, Violet, Helena
8 mins 50 secs - 400 mb

First there is Lavinia in a beige Rukka mac making her way through flood water and ending up with wet feet. Then comes Violet in a green, hooded and belted Rukka mac after the floods had receded so she has to wade into the river in her black Hunter wellies. Then myself in a red Rukka coat and purple Hunter wellies on a day at the coat when winter has returned.
Have not been able to see Jessica for a long while and it is so lovely to have her return here looking as stunning as always. It may have been a very bright sunny day and surprising warm for this time of year but still no reason not to wear macs and rubber boots when possible. In a dark blue plastic trench coat with gloves and boots she looks wonderful in the dry mud and a little puddle and the addition of a blue sou'wester and a blue umbrella her appearance gets better and better. In a micro red mini dress and red wellies Jessica puts on a clear white spotted hooded mac while surrounded by several macs and lots of Hunter wellies. Glamorous, delightful and beautiful are the best words to describe her, especially with the tight hood framing her face. Then back out in the sun a in a full length loose fitting navy mac and black and white wellies. This time finding a much bigger puddle and you get to see her seated, standing and tightly hooded against the low bright sun.
First there is Lavinia in a beige Rukka mac and after making her way through flood water she ends up trying to tip the water out of her boots as she has ended up with wet feet. Not that she was complaining as she still had a smile on her face. Then comes Violet in a green, hooded and belted Rukka mac, the floods had receded and the sun was shining so she has to wade into the river in her black Hunter wellies after delightfully hooding herself. Then there is myself in a red Rukka mac and purple Hunter wellies on a day at the coat when winter has returned. Moving from the cold windy cliff top into town out of the wind.


27th February


140 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ruby & Helena

Past Times
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby & Helena
9 mins 50 secs - 442 mb

Macs from the past with Ruby and Helena. Ruby is wearing a white vintage 1960's style plastic mac with black edging and with kitten heeled black and white boots and then she adds a white spotted clear rain bonnet. I have on a red spotted mac with the most unusual matching hat and after adding the hat, belt and red boots I show off my girdle and with an umbrella in hand I adjourned outdoors.
The ladies always look fabulous but when they are wearing very little under their macs they look even more fabulous. It is great to have Jessica back again and she fulfills the title of this page so brilliantly. She is wearing a glass clear pink edged knee length mac over her pink bra and knickers and has on pink spotted wellies for good measure. This stunning combination looking so good on a lady with a body so lovely as Jessica's and she particularly loved the hood on this see thru mac. Shannon is wearing black lingerie and a yellow nylon jacket and yellow Hunter wellies only and she is outdoors in the bright sunshine in the month of February. Taking advantage of this unusual hot winter weather just had to be done. Ruby has an ankles length clear trench coat over her black very exotic lingerie and black Hunter boots which goes with her outfit so well. Loving my bedroom swing she shows off her body and outfit in the most wonderful way.
We all love these retro macs as they are so cute and feminine and even more so when a rain bonnet or hat is added. Here first is Ruby wearing a white vintage 1960's style plastic mac with black edging and with kitten heeled black and white boots and then she adds a white spotted clear rain bonnet. With white gloves and a white umbrella she really does look quite beautiful. Jessica loves bright colours so this 'hippy' flowered mac was just right for her as it goes so well with her pop art coloured dress. With the mac buttoned up and with brightly coloured boots the addition of a yellow spotted rain bonnet was the perfect accessory. For myself it was a red spotted mac with the most unusual but very cute matching hat, which was tied onto my head after I had tucked my hair into the mac and turned up the collar. With the addition of the hat, belt and red boots I did show off my black girdle and seamed stockings before picking up an umbrella for a little journey outdoors.


20th February


144 pics &
HD Video Clip

Buffy & Fay

Beach Babes
High Definition Video Featuring Buffy & Fay
9 mins 10 secs - 412 mb

Two very happy ladies down at the beach in the middle of February in the bright sun. Buffy is wearing a belted and hooded blue Rukka with black spotted wellies and playing about in the surf gets the water into her boots. Fay is wearing a long hooded and belted bright red plastic mac with red boots and gloves and as the sun gets too bright tightens her hood down over her face when she takes a seat on the wave breaker.
Five ladies who never look better than when that are dressed to appear here. A striped see thru macked Elle sitting on the picnic table out in the sun. Ruby is down at the river and hooded in her red Rukka mac and wearing red Hunter wellies and is poking around in a burnt out fire before utilising the seat that has been left behind. Violet is very happy in a long green mac with a clear one over the top and has a happy time doing up both macs around her and double hooding herself as tightly as possible. Buffy is out in the sun in a black see thru trouser suit with black rubber boots and gloves. Tightly hooded with the addition of sun glasses in the bright sun does add a lovely touch. Finally a lovely looking clear macked Flame over her lingerie and with grey rubber boots on her bare legs proves yet again sometimes less is better than more.
A few little outakes that has been asked for on a few occasions in the past. There is myself playing with a bib pant outfit that I had just taken off and then myself and Lavinia playing with my cat. Then there is Jade enjoying a yoghurt in only the way she could enjoy one. Lavinia falling about on the straw bales and then with myself in yellow stroking my other cat. Jade and Buffy getting the gunge ready and Emily first in purple and then in white taking a well deserved drink and finally Malika doing the same in her yellow trench coat.


13th February


120 pics &
HD Video Clip


Dressing Up Fun
High Definition Video Featuring Helena
15 mins 25 secs - 698 mb

Sometimes it can be fun to dress up just for the fun of doing it. In a nylon suit for starters and then clear trousers and jacket and then three macs as well. First a striped see thru mac, then a purple one and finally a clear one. A pair of long heavy duty black rubber gloves over a purple pair and five hoods, how much better than it get?
Three lovely beauties looking very smart and delightful, who needs rain to wear rainwear when they look as good as this. Violet is wearing a gorgeous RainSpel bright red mac over her leather dress matched perfectly with her red Hunter wellies. First showing off her dress and then with the mac fully done up and tightly belted she makes her way across the road and after hooding herself finds a bus stop to take a seat in. It was a green Rukka mac for Lavinia which again was very tightly belted and sometimes with the hood up and sometimes down she looks absolutely marvellous as she makes her way across the train bridge. A bright yellow hooded mac for Buffy and she is down at the beach and finding some old fishing nets to play around with. Always happy to fool around and nothing ever takes the smile from her face.
Charles has been a member for one year as he is a recent convert to the delights of ladies in macs and rubber boots. He says he has always been a boots fan but adding the delight of rain macs has increased his enthusiasm no end. He says his mac tastes are simple, bright coloured hooded macs and two girls together cuddling up on a sofa or bed is a wonderful sight for him. So we have Vixxen and Kimmy in yellow Rukka macs together on the sofa and then the two of them in bright red macs showing of their friendship.


6th February


130 pics &
HD Video Clip


Glorious Mud
High Definition Video Featuring Mallory
7 mins 15 secs - 326 mb

Mallory loves to play around in the mud and this was a perfect day fro it, lots of mud on a sunny winters day after the nights rain. With Mallory dressed in rubber and waders she had a ball covering herself in the glorious mud. Then in a red suit with a red mac she was in a large deep puddle and lots more mud and the simile never left her face once.
Ruby loves it all. No matter what she has to wear she loves it and looks wonderful when doing so and her enthusiasm is just one of the remarkable things about her. In a black shiny plastic trench coat with black shiny rubber boots she has found a railway line with no trains coming so she can walk along the track and balance herself on the line itself. With a matching rain hat on her head her appearance only improves in the most delightful way. In a lovely red patterned loose fitting flared mac and with red Hunter wellies, she found a telephone box that was actually still working and then at the rivers edge she opened her red edged umbrella and turns the big collar up on her coat. In along beige hooded mac and a reflection in the mirror so you get two Ruby's she tightens the hood as much as possible as she thinks a tight hood is the way to go. Then a very glamorous Ruby in black lingerie with white wellies and a white rubber swim cap strapped under her chin, sometimes a mac is not needed, the extras are more than enough.
Can you call ladies wearing capes Capering or have I just invented a new word? Am sure Robin, Arne and BC will not mind the word as long as the ladies are in their capes and appearing here. For Lavinia it is a light blue cape with blue wellies and she does know how to show it off at its best. Violet is in an ankle length red tartan cape and red wellies. The cape is fully buttoned and the hood tied tightly around her head framing her face perfectly. The wind filling the cape only adds to the wonderful appearance of Violet dressed like this.


30th January


118 pics &
HD Video Clip

Vixxen, Kimmy,Violet, Lavinia, Buffy

Enjoying the Elements

Beautiful in a Mask
High Definition Video Featuring Vixxen, Kimmy, Violet, Lavinia, Buffy
11 mins 30 secs - 520 mb

Five ladies all enjoying the delights of the great outdoors in all weathers. Vixxen and Kimmy are in the snow, Violet is the muddy puddles, Lavinia is kicking her way through the flood water and Buffy is playing around in the mud.
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby
6 mins 25 secs - 288 mb

Here is Ruby dressing in a long glass clear mac to go with her rubber boots and gloves and then she adds a full head gas mask which looks absolutely delightful with her outfit.
Here the ladies are out in all weathers enjoying and making most of the elements. Vixxen bought around a good friend of hers by the name of Kimmy and as it was the first snow day of this winter and the first time for Kimmy, the two had to go together. With Kimmy in pink and Vixxen in red they delighted in playing with the snow and ice and looked lovely as they did so. Violet found some puddles under the noisy road bridge and had to walk through them as it is a necessary thing to do. Lavinia is in black and wading through the flood water in her purple Hunter wellies and finding a little boat that needed an examination. Winter sunshine and mud for Buffy in a shiny brown mac and with the hood, sun glasses and tight belt all adding to the lovely effect.
Phil M has asked to see one of the ladies dressed in a glass clear mac over black and with a gas mask and here is Ruby looking absolutely delightful as she dresses herself like this. In a see thru black rain suit over her black lingerie and with black Hunter wellies and black rubber gloves she puts on a full length glass clear trench coat and then adds a full head black rubber gas mask. This combination looks stunning and she thought so too and was very happy to admire herself in the mirror. Then outdoors she adds a matching clear rain hat and then takes a seat on the bench to provide more stunning pics.


23rd January


136 pics &
HD Video Clip


The Bright Side
High Definition Video Featuring Helena
11 mins 20 secs - 514 mb

Both Bob and Ernest have asked to see a dressing up scene with the yellow bib pant outfit and Hunter wellies and it is my job to make sure this is done. First the jacket goes on over the bib pants, then the green Hunter wellies and then the jacket which is fully done up before venturing out in the cold weather. Then up goes the hood and I have to try to stop my dog digging holes in the garden, not always an easy thing.
Lavinia has been so keen to appear as often as possible so it would be rude not to show her off again. No matter what the weather she is a very willing rainwear lady and first out in the hot sun in a see thru blue striped mac and wellies she looks very good with the bright sun behind her. Then hooded and onto the ground she goes as she shows off her heavy duty wellies and tightens the hood down over her eyes to keep the sun out of them. Finding a overflowing river by accident was very fortunate as Lavinia was dressed in a purple hooded mac and purple wellies and was a perfect environment for her to play about in. She did manage to drop her umbrella in the water and did find a life belt, which she put to good use, in case she fell in. She wanted to see the black sheep so this was done with her in a long silky full length hooded mac which looked very glamorous on her and the sheep seemed very pleased to see her as well.
When this blue mac appeared a while ago Ron has been asking to see it again as it reminds him of one his wife had many years ago and unfortunately was lost many years ago when his car was burgled. It is a very soft plastic with a big hood and he asked if Ruby could wear it as his wife was petite had long dark hair. The black Hunter boots as also his choice as he thought these would look very good with the mac, and he is right about that.


16th January


128 pics &
HD Video Clip

Kat & Jade

Showing Off
High Definition Video Featuring Kat & Jade
6 mins 55 secs - 311 mb

Kat is looking very glamorous in her stunning lingerie and black Hunter wellies and with a glass clear short rain jacket. After tightly hooding herself she changes into red Hunter wellies and adds a shiny red mac to her outfit. Jade is wearing a short yellow nylon jacket and yellow tipped waders and both ladies are showing off their bodies and just how lovely they are.
Five gorgeous ladies all dressed to please and very lovely they look too. Buffy is in a see thru blue hooded mac and blue wellies and silhouetted against the bright sky. This happy booed and gloved lady was very happy to tightly hood herself before she continued on her way, laughing all of the time. A very long bright red mac for Ruby with red boots and with the mac poppered and belted and the lovely addition of a red rubber swim cap strapped under her chin, she looks quite beautiful. Jade is sitting on the floor in a pink hooded mac and boots and she begins to play with the hood tightening it more and more until her eyes are covered and the she continued until it is over her nose as well, leaving just her luscious red lips exposed. For Victoria it was a soft blue mac and her first gas mask. Tightening the mask around her head she adds the hood over the straps and brings herself onto the grass and onto all fours which creates a beautiful pose with the gas mask. Finally a very content Violet in a loose fitting heavy red rain jacket and red heeled rubber boots, not in any hurry to remove them in any way.
Kat is dressed in very exotic lingerie and fishnet tights along with a glass clear rain jacket and black Hunter wellies. After tightly tying the waist string and hooding herself she is very happy to pose to show off her outfit and lovely body. She then adds a bright red long hooded and belted mac to her outfit after changing into red Hunter wellies and the result is that she looks amazing. With Jade in a yellow nylon jacket and yellow edged LaCrosse waders she is also very happy to pose, show how nimble her body is and to show off waders in the most delightful way.


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