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HD Videos



21st June

128 pics &
HD Video Clip

Imogen, Victoria, Violet, Estelle

Loving Ladies
High Definition Video
Imogen, Victoria,Violet, Estella in Loving Ladies
6 mins 45 secs - 301 mb

Two pairs of ladies loving each other company and loving their time in their macs and boots which seems to only encourage them and their sense of fun. Both occasions on hot days and each couple finding their own way to enjoy their time together, Imogen and Victoria in blue macs over their lingerie and Violet and Estella splashing and playing in the water
It is so lovely to see the ladies loving and enjoying each other so much and with Imogen and Victoria in long blue see thru macs over their lingerie and pink rubber boots on a very hot day, they both look so beautiful and glamorous. With the macs fully buttoned and the ladies hooded they began to remove their macs, leaving the hoods up after they had sat onto the grass which only encouraged them to get very close and wrap themselves around each other. Indoors in long black see thru macs and black and white wellies the same thing happened when there was only one chair. Sitting on each others lap and more cuddling and kissing followed as well as revealing their bare booted legs. The boat paddling pool was ready for Violet and her friend Estella who was coming around for the first time and it was meant to be another hot day. The sun did not shine but that did not stop them both from dressing in long heavy duty navy macs and then soaking each other by splashing and kicking water over each other. Estelle loved it so I am happy to say I have another lovely beautiful and very willing covert to the cause.
Six more times of the ladies dressed to please. Ruby is outdoors on a hot summers day in a long red hooded mac which does silhouette very nicely against the sun. Siren looking lovely in a beige trench coat with the delightful addition of a rain bonnet. Emily is in an ankle length shiny yellow hooded mac and yellow wellies and she does what so many of the ladies like to do and that is to tighten the hood as tight as possible down over their head and eyes. Elyssia is wearing a red rain jacket and trousers and looking extra delightful as the jacket is soaking wet. Malika looks very stunning in her silver hooded and silver Hunter wellies over her black lingerie. She slowly reveals her lingerie and then shows off her boots which she has grown very fond of. Finally comes Victoria in a long red shiny hooded mac which compliments her red wellies and red lips perfectly. This lady is very happy to be here and you will be seeing a lot more of her.



14th June

124 pics &
HD Video Clip

Jade & Buffy

Ladies Wading
High Definition Video
Jade & Buffy - in Ladies Wading
10 m ins 05 secs - 453 mb

Two ladies wading, one in the river and one in the edge of the sea. Jade is in heavy duty Hood waders and a red nylon cagoule and out in the middle of the river, enjoying herself so much she had to take a few pics of the view. Buffy is down at the sea in green waders with a green nylon jacket and happily kicking her way through the surf.
The title should really be 'Cold & Hot' as it was freezing day when Jessica was out in the field and was grateful for the second mac as plastic plastic macs in a cold wind are not always the most practical when they are unlined. This still did not stop her enjoying herself though. A very cold wind on top of the cliff for Violet so a long pink hooded mac and pink wellies did not help much against the cold but the pics were well worth the trouble, am sure Violet felt the same way! For Celeste it was summer dress, a clear mac, wellies and sun glasses and in a field of nearly ripe crops on a very hot day, this combination of rainwear in the hot sun is always a sight I love to see. The sun would not stay out for Buffy but as she was dressed in a green Rukka mac and black Hunter wellies she did not mind. She very happily played about on the wave breakers and in the surf and sand, always with a constant smile on her face, as you can see.
James says he has been around along time and fondly remembers Sarah Foster Tate a fetish model who done a lot of swim cap modeling. Has always loved the white caps but finds the red ones very exciting as well. He has asked to see a red swim cap with red rubber gloves and red rubber boots with red lingerie but no mac. Elle did not have red lingerie but this red swimming costume does look so good her and looks wonderful with the red rubber. James says he is not sure if it is a rainwear request or not. It does not matter, Elle looks wonderful and is a great summer sight. Also a few pics of Drew in a red cap with a red riding mac, another combination which always looks good.



7th June

143 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helena, Elle, Celeste, Violet

Fun with Umbrellas
High Definition Video
Helena, Elle, Celeste, Violet in Fun with Umbrellas
9 mins 10 secs - 415 mb

It is always fun to play around with umbrellas even when it is not raining and having company at the same time makes the fun even better. Being fully dressed has to be part of the scene and with myself and Elle in white, Celeste in navy and Violet in green it is time to play with the best rainwear accessory available.
Umbrellas have to be the best accessory for any rainwear outfit, they are so practical, useful and beautiful and do make such fun items to play with. Elle and myself were both dressed in white spotted macs and white wellies with clear and white edged umbrellas. Then here is Celeste is a heavy duty navy mac and wellies with a navy umbrella and she is out on top of the straw bales. It was very warm and sunny day so Celeste in wearing sunglasses as well as she walks down the bales before taking a seat to show off her bare booted legs. Then comes Violet out in the rain in a red mac and umbrella and then in the garden in wet green nylon and a green umbrella which she enjoys playing with. Lavinia id dressed in blue and with two matching blue umbrellas, giving her double the pleasure. It is meant to be unlucky to open umbrellas indoors but with Elyssia in an orange jacket and boots she had to have the orange umbrella to go with it. On a windy cliff top and Buffy is dressed in a bright multi coloured mac with a multi coloured umbrella. It was not really that windy that the umbrella was going to be blown away, she said she was just practicing for a strong wind.
All of my ladies are shining examples of how wonderful my ladies can look when they are dressed for these pages. The gorgeous blonde Emily is wearing a shiny leopard coat with short black wellies on her bare legs and looking even better after the coat has been buttoned and the collar turned up. Jet loves to be wrapped up so when wearing a metallic mac with a large hood she could not resist pulling the hood down tight over her face and then adding a gas mask, just because she could. A red Rukka mac and red Hunter wellies for Celeste and a river to kick her way through on a hot spring day. Very wet heavy duty rubber for Shannon for two reasons. One is because heavy duty rubber always looks good and two because wet rubber looks even better. Then finally a little of Ruby trying on a red mac on her first visit to the mac attic.



31st May

133 pics &
HD Video Clip


Rubber in the Sun
High Definition Video
Malika in Rubber in the Sun
7 mins 25 secs - 333 mb

The hot sun and Malika in a knee length rubber jacket with black Hunter wellies accompanied by the inevitable black rubber gloves and sou'wester has a good way to stay cool. She soaks herself and the rubber with the water hose and then fills up her wellies from the hose before tipping the water out over herself. She then changes into black rubber waders and continues to make sure she stays cool.
The warmer weather does mean it is possible to see a lot more of the ladies in short rain jackets and boots and very little else outdoors and this delightful sight I know is always welcome by many. Imogen has just bought around her good friend Victoria, a beautiful and long legged brunette, and this is how her rainwear life started. With both of then in matching clear very short jackets and black and white wellies over their lingerie they were very happy together, playing with and teasing each other. Violet looking very cute in her navy and green jacket and spotted wellies, mind you she looks good in everything she wears. A short shiny navy jacket and silver Hunter wellies for Celeste strolling down the path and the flexible Lavinia in a yellow jacket with yellow Hunter wellies showing off the fact that she can get her boots higher than her head. For Malika it was a see thru blue jacket with blue Hunter wellies and being silhouetted against the sun after she had zipped up her jacket and adjourned outdoors
Many of the requests are obviously ongoing and I do try to include these in the other galleries as well, but as I have these I thought it must be time to show the ladies with the macs open as the warmer weather does tend to lead to this much more often than in the cold weather when the macs need to be fully buttoned and fastened. Celeste in a yellow plastic trench coat over her summer dress, Imogen in a yellow Rukka and Siren in a blue one followed by Lavinia in her open padded coat over her black mac and Jade in her green Rukka, all looking very lovely.



24th May

118 pics &
HD Video Clip


Enjoying Herself
High Definition Video
Elle in Enjoying Herself
11 mins 00 secs - 495 mb

This was a great way for Elle to enjoy herself. First dressed all in blue she spreads out and then rolls around on the blue plastic sheet out in the garden. With her mac riding up and showing off her legs she rolls around loving every minute of it. Then removing her dress and bra she put on a long glass clear mac and then does the whole thing again.
Outdoors in rainwear has to be fun as that is what it is all about. Celeste is wearing a long green hooded mac with silver Hunter wellies and she is in the garden of the local park, she is siting on the grass with her legs spread very wide into the splits position, something she can do very easily. She pulls the hood tight before making her way back across the park to the car. A very bright sunny day and a blonde Violet is dressed in a heavy duty long blue mac and patterned wellies and she is looking particularly lovely with the addition of her sun glasses and with the river behind her the scene becomes even more attractive. Jade is wearing a metallic green retro mac with a matching rain hat and as she comes down the steps she could not resist climbing onto the wall and trying to slide down it. Instead she decided to lay down on the wall instead.
Seb T wants to see more of the ladies in white swim caps along with their rainwear so here is Malika and Lily wearing white caps and then enjoying playing with the other white ones. Seb has loved to see this since the first time and Ryan likes to see them with the riding macs, in which Lily is wearing and Alastair who send me these lovely caps loves everything to do with them. Am sure we can do more very soon.



17th May

139 pics &
HD Video Clip


Long & Loose
High Definition Video
Helena in Long & Loose
8 mins 00 secs - 362 mb

Long and loose fitting fitting macs after the nights rain. First it's pink in the water filled ditch, then white and checking out the fallen tree branch. Then the beautiful full length tartan cape which is absolutely stunning and looking very good in the rape field
Outdoors in different rainwear outfits and even though it may be sunny and not raining it really does not matter. Celeste looks very cute and delightful in her red nylon Peter Storm cagoule, red Hunter wellies and red gloves contrasting with her black leggings. Down at the river she enhances her look even further by tying up the hood and fastening tightly it under her chin. A very bright sunny day and Jade is dressed in a heavy duty yellow trench coat and yellow wellies, yellow being chosen as it is the same colour of the sun. With the fasten tightly belted and the beautiful high collar fastened into position she then adds a yellow rain bonnet as well, all of this going so well with her dark sunglasses. Then comes a fully rubbered Elyssia in chest waders, coat, gloves and sou'wester and she soaks her outfit with the water hose making the rubber shine so beautifull
Long time member Trev J loves the Glamour Galleries and particularly when the ladies are showing off their stockings and tights. He says this is something that he has got to like more and more over the years which he says he finds surprising as her always loved them more when they were fully wrapped and layered (which he still does as well). First here is the beautiful Malika in a long clear mac showing off her stockings and pink boots, followed by stunning Lavinia in a glass clear mac over her beautiful lingerie and stockings and she is with black rubber wellies and bathing cap as well. The buxom, lovely Elyssia is wearing a bright red glossy mac, tightly belted and is with red wellies and she slowly peels back the mac to reveal her very short skirt boots and tights.



10th May

125 pics &
HD Video Clip


Working Clothes
High Definition Video
Helena in Working Clothes
9 mins 35 secs - 430 mb

Dressing for work and chores has always been part of the fun. Taking the dog out for one of its daily walks on a cold windy spring day in long wet grass with a long clear hooded mac over a leopard print fur jacket and coupled with pink wellies. Shower cleaning time so an orange rain suit with rubber boots and gloves was most suitable and this had the bonus of cleaning the outfit at the same time.
It is sometimes lovely when the ladies have beautiful bodies and you do not want them covered in rainwear, the obvious solution is to have them dressed in clear macs over their lingerie so you have the best of both worlds and everything can be seen at the same time. Luckily I have lots of beautiful ladies with beautiful bodies and this proves the point. Shannon is wearing a one piece body stocking with a long clear hooded mac and gold Hunter wellies. She is sat on the carpet and is delighted to show off her outfit and body before and after she has hooded herself. Elyssia is in leopard and black lingerie with a short zip up clear jacket and leopard print wellies. She starts with the mac fully zipped and ends with it fully open showing off her wonderful figure. It is difficult to decide whether she looks better covered or uncovered. Lavinia has the most exotic lingerie and here is one example of black lace in which she looks fabulous and better when she is wearing a clear hooded jacket and pink heeled rubber boots as well. First on the floor showing off her boots and then lifting up her jacket after she hoods herself to show off her breasts and lingerie. Then comes Imogen and Buffy outdoors with their macs flung open to reveal their skimpy clothes, the opening of the macs like this is always worth seeing.
JB has been asking to see more black and shiny rainwear, which also happens to be a very popular scene, so here is Ruby on her first photoshoot with us in a very shiny black hooded mac down by the river on what was a very cold day. Even though the weather was freezing she was happy to show off her bare legs and delighted in being tightly hooded and belted as she ended up wading about in the river in her shiny black lace up wellies. This was the first mac she ever wore for us and as black is her favourite colour it seemed very appropriate and welcome.



3rd May

119 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helena, Violet, Lily

Together is Better
High Definition Video
Helena, Violet Lily in Together is Better
7 mins 35 secs - 340 mb

A very cold eve on top of the cliffs with Violet and myself both dressed in white hooded macs and wellies, even out of the wind on the grass it was still bitterly cold. Helping Lily to get undressed after a good soaking in her four hoods and macs, after just making sure she had been waterproofed properly.
It is always fun to be with the other ladies even when it is bitterly cold and windy. Violet and myself ended up on the cliff top one early evening not realised just how cold it was going to be. Plastic macs are never the best to keep you warm but we were both grateful that were hooded and we did have the pleasure of tying up each others hoods and cuddling up to each other on the seat. Ducking down onto the grass did not help very much but this did mean that we had to stay cuddled up to each other. Lily had been dressed in a yellow rain suit, a red see thru mac, a blue see thru mac and then a clear black spotted mac on her backwards. This meant she was wearing four hoods with the top one on backwards so this meant I could soak her to make sure was waterproof. I then gladly helped her slowly undress from her wet macs before adjourning back to the house. In silver macs with Kiti and we photo bombed by Tarot my Siberian Husky who usually will not react when I want to photo her but on this occasion the opposite happened.
We have had quite a lot of intermittent sunny days and seeing the ladies fully dressed in rainwear on days like this is quite a lovely sight. Lavinia is dressed in a bright red hooded mac with a wet clear mac over the top and she managed to find a big puddle to kick around in so it was fortunate she was dressed as she is. A bright yellow nylon jacket and yellow wellies on her bare legs is how Siren was originally dressed before she hooded herself and the added the yellow cape to her outfit before leaving the shade for the bright sunshine, see her covered in bright yellow in the bright sun is so beautiful. Blue nylon jacket and trousers for Celeste with blue wellies and a picnic table to laze around on with her back to the sun. Then hooding herself before wandering off. Violet is out at the lake edge in a long green Jeantex mac and green Hunter wellies. Sitting down onto the grass she hoods herself against the sun pulling the hood tighter and tighter until just her nose is showing through.



26th April

135 pics &
HD Video Clip


In the Bag
High Definition Video
Lavinia in In the Bag
9 mins 40 secs - 435 mb

Lavinia so wanted to try this plastic sleeping bag when she saw it so a black plastic suit and two macs later she zipped herself into the bag and very pleased she was too. Then double hooded and laying on the grass she was a very happy lady and stated that with a proper blindfold she could easily fall asleep dressed and wrapped up like this.
It's Violet, Siren, Celeste and Lavinia out dressed in all kinds of weather. It was a very cold day for Violet out on the windy pier and she was dressed in a long striped and tie belted hooded mac. The navy and see thru mac matching her navy Hunter wellies. Happy to get a little respite from the cold wind in the pier shelter and then happy again to be back in the wind again. A late morning foggy day for Siren and she is dressed in a lovely black pvc mac with a white pattern, this was along with her matching black and white star rubber boots. She is out in the street near her house and had a black edged clear umbrella just in case it would rain. For Celeste it was a hot spring day and she is down at the river in a long blue mac and blue boots. A little wading in the shallow river before she hoods herself against the sun and takes a seat on the river bank grass. It was a hot day for Lavinia but a silver trench coat with silver wellies was how it began. Then with the mac fully buttoned on went the gas mask and rain bonnet, these two together making for a beautiful very striking appearance.
Clive would like to see me reading while seated and laying on the sofa, obviously dressed in a mac and wellies as he remembers fondly the time he visited a coffee shop and there was a girl in a silver pvc jacket and wellies sitting with her feet up on a big chair. She immediately apologised for having her feet on the chair and removed them but has always thought this would make a delightful scene. So here I am in a sliver mac and pink wellies with some of fetish books and having an excuse to admire them again is always good for me. I kept on the pink rubber gloves I had been wearing to wash up as they matched the boots so well and the hood had to be tightened onto my head just because it was there to be used.



19th April

125 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helena & Violet

Happy in Blue
High Definition Video
Helena & Violet in Happy in Blue
6 mins 15 secs - 247 mb

A very cold spring late afternoon and Violet and myself are dressed in blue macs and wellies and out near the coast with matching blue umbrellas as well. The umbrellas soon becoming play things with us first poking each other and then fighting with the umbrellas before we opened them up. When this had been done we made our way to the seat which was slightly more out of the wind and the umbrellas then became wind shields as well.
A very sunny day and here is Jade dressed up in macs and wellies and looking very lovely as she does it. In a clear mac and striped wellies over her tight flowered jump suit she does look very glamorous posing with the sun behind her and so creating a lovely silhouette. With the hood up and wearing her sunglasses she lays herself onto the grass to soak up the warm sun and show off her boots and mac at the same time. This beautiful long tartan cape has just arrived so I have to say a huge thank you to Arne for sending it to me. It is beautiful and doesn't Jade look beautiful in it and perfect if you want a little sun protection. In a green nylon suit she soon spotted this fallen tree to play around on, as she is like so many of the other ladies and any excuse to jump, climb or play is taken up with relish.
Robin has told me that a little while ago he saw several people out in the wind and rain in disposable rainwear and thought that they did look rather cute, something that he had not paid much attention to before. So he has asked if he can see a little more here. Already having these images of Celeste wearing some of these, so this must be a good time to post them. First she has on a green one over a blue nylon suit, then a blue one and then a clear cape on top. The wind also done its bit by blowing just at the right time.



12th April

137 pics &
HD Video Clip

Celeste, Jade, Violet

Ladies in Red
High Definition Video
Celeste, Jade, Violet in Ladies in Red
10 mins 55 secs - 490 mb

Three ladies all dressed in red rainwear and out in and searching for the water to play around in. This having to be the next best thing to playing in the rain, something it has not been doing here for quite a while.
Celeste, Jade and Violet all dressed in bright red rainwear and getting as close to water as they are able. Celeste is dressed in a bright red long hooded Rukka style mac which is tightly belted around her waist and is coupled with red Hunter wellies and red gloves. With the hood pulled up loose around her head she makes her way down the path to the waters edge before tying up her hood and edges into the muddy water and then settles for a seat on the river bank. Jade is out on a very sunny day in her red retro mac and red laced black boots. Out in the water as far as her boots would allow she scoops up water into her umbrella before making her way back to dry land. Violet is wearing a long hooded red mac with a wet red see thru trench coat over the top and with Dunlop red wellies. A bright warm day bur she is happy to have the macs fully done up and be hooded as she makes her way to the bottom of the ditch out of the sun and into the muddy water.
Five more ladies dressed to please and very lovely they look too. Imogen is in a yellow Rukka hooded mac and it is with the marvelous very heavy black and yellow firemen's boots, these two items always going together so very well. Lavinia is sitting on the bed in a blue see thru mac and blue wellies and sitting with her legs wide apart after she has hooded herself and undone the mac to show off her legs and lingerie as well. The beautiful very shiny brown belted mac for Elyssia and this quality mac looks gorgeous on everybody and is one that Elyssia loves. For Jessica it is a white mac with black and white wellies and she out on the edge of her field before hooding herself against the cold and then making her way out into the field to brave the cold wind. A nice bright sunny day for Fay so a hooded knee length glass clear mac over her summer dress and with black wellies, this combination of mac, boots and sun always a very glamorous and beautiful sight.


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