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HD Videos


18th October


149 pics &
HD Video Clip


Her Favourite
High Definition Video
Malika in Her Favourite
9 mins 20 secs - 421 mb

Malika's favourite mac is the yellow one she is wearing here. Because it is lined, hooded and belted and bright yellow she fell in love with it as soon as she saw it and with yellow wellies she loves her outfit even better. First dressing up in it over her lingerie and then out in the park, doesn't she look stunning?
Bella obviously has a lot to be excited about and she has been blown away and very excited about all of the rainwear collection I have for her to wear. She got more and more excited the more she saw, the delightful macs and boots and particularly the bib pant outfits, the gas masks and the waders, as she is so keen to try everything on this must be classed as just a little taster of what is to come with this lovely lady. First in an ankle length navy mac and out in the sun using a matching umbrella as a sun shade. Then the red bib pant outfit with the arm protectors which she found absolutely wonderful and wants to wear the navy ones as well. She had not worn a gas mask before but had always wanted to try and I have lots for her, her first experience she found very pleasing. Then came the waders which is something else she enjoyed wearing. Not able to walk too far in waders just at the moment but will be doing so in future visits.
Have managed to get a two into one request for Jason who has been asking for a while to se more of Emily as he thinks she is absolutely stunning and if he could see her in a red Rukka he would be in heaven. Heaven it is then as here she is in a red Rukka mac and red wellies and gloves, first out in the garden and then up in the field on top of the straw bales catching the wind with the mac open. Then with the hood tightened around her head and the mac fully done up she takes herself along the straw bales enjoying the wind even more now she is fully dressed.


11th October


128 pics &
HD Video Clip

Victoria & Jet

Heavy Duty Rubber
High Definition Video
Victoria & Jet in Heavy Duty Rubber
10 mins 05 secs - 454 mb

Victoria is wearing a black rubber jacket under her chest waders and then with a heavy rubber mac over the top of them. Jet is wearing the new one piece rubber suit and both ladies are soaking their outfits with the water hose before taking a rest on the grass.
Playtime for these ladies on these occasions means dressing up and doing what they want. Drew is in an very attractive silver Rukka style hooded mac with grey trainers on her bare legs. Finding a kiddies playground boat to climb around on first and then coming down the slide did mean she had to do it several times just fro her own amusement. Jade loves urban exploring, that is exploring abandoned building she when she found this abandoned factory she could not resist wanting to go inside even though it was next to a police station. So in a red mac and wellies in she went through a broken window and all she found was a vandalised building but thoroughly had a good time looking around. Alexia had said about this boat at the harbour that looked like a helicopter and she wanted to get a better look at it so in a short clear rain jacket and red Dunlop wellies she did just that and does beautiful as she poses in front of it and then again sitting on a wall nearby. Then after hooding herself she looks even lovelier.
Victoria is wearing a black rubber jacket under her black rubber chest waders and with long black rubber gloves and she adds the heavy black rubber mac and sou'wester to her body and them makes sure all is buttoned belted. She then soaks herself with the water hose making sure she is soaked before laying herself onto the grass and showing off her soaking wet outfit. Jet has been zipped into our new one piece very heavy rubber suit and with black rubber boots and gloves she look absolutely lovely. Up comes the big hood and she adds a gas mask before going under the hose shower to wet her outfit. Once her outfit is suitably wet she also takes a rest on the lawn to show herself off.


4th October


137 pics &
HD Video Clip

Elle & Helena

Summer Sun
High Definition Video
Elle & Helena in Summer Sun
8 mins 05 secs - 362 mb

It was summer time and the sun was out and Elle was in her favourite 'Mermaid' swimming costume, so with it had to go a red rubber swim hat, red wellies and red see thru mac, a wonderful summer outfit. Then there is Elle with myself in long hooded macs and Hunter wellies. Dressing up in the shade before venturing out into the sun and rolling around on the grass together.
Once again I have five lovely ladies for you. Buffy is down at the beach wearing a green nylon jacket and green waders and over the top of her jacket is a long green see thru mac. Catching the wind with her mac before she buttons it up around her and then takes a seat on the storm protectors. Jet is wearing just a short red rain jacket with red wellies and with bare legs she does look rather good and does what a lot of the girls do when out in the sun and that is tied up the hood over their head and down over their eyes. A black pvc cat suited, high heeled Jade with a retro short black and white cape buttoned down the front. Very glamorous and a great reminder of past fashions. Then an orange suited and long clear macked Imogen also with long black rubber gloves for a few images, this lady being tightly double hooded just like Jet. Finally a rubber clad Emily out in the hot sun, but wearing a heavy long black rubber trench coat, boots and gloves and with the mac fully buttoned and belted she adds the sou'wester to make sure her pale skin is fully protected from the sun and that she looks as good as possible, something she definitely achieves
For John H it has been a long wait to see a lady on this site, dressed in rainwear who is pregnant. Please say hello to Bella, friend of Jade, who has just joined us and is exactly who John would like to see. She was blown away when she saw the mac collection and could not wait to start trying them on and this started with a long pink shiny mac. Then into a see thru red mac with red wellies she was more than happy to show off her body, this blonde beauty really enjoying herself and she will be back before another enjoyable day arrives for her.


27th September


130 pics &
HD Video Clip

lavonia, Imogen, Emily

Capable Ladies
High Definition Video
Lavinia, Imogen, Emily in Capable Ladies
8 mins 25 secs - 377 mb

Lavinia is in a silver cape and wellies and down at the river in town including a little paddling. Imogen is in a long red cape red boots and out trying to catch the wind as it blows and stops. For Emily it is and very long shiny black pvc cape and an even stronger wind which means she does end up tightly hooded as well.
Four ladies in long capes and trying to do something that always makes the wearing of capes look even better and that is when the wind blows. Fay is wearing an ankle length tartan cape and with the cape buttoned up to the neck, patiently waits for the wind to pick up. When this happens she lets the cape fill up with the wind and climbs onto the bench to get a better effect. When tightly hooded as well she really does look quite wonderful. A silver cape and silver wellies for Lavinia at the rivers edge and she nearly does what she always wants to do when near the water and that is dive in. On this occasion it was a little early and cold for that. Imogen loved trying to catch the wind in her red cape and boots while allowing her long blonde hair to blow around and she she found a few friends on her way home. It was very windy for Emily, but she was very happy to dance and play around in it while wearing a long black pvc cape, especially after being hooded and with her arms inside the cape, she loves this form of protection.
Glamour can be interpreted in many different ways and everybody like something different when it comes to something like this. However this is our interpretation and once again I hope you like it. Elyssia is wearing see thru red rain trouser and a red see thru long mac and by undoing the mac while sitting on the chair she reveals her very stunning body. Drew has on a glass clear pink edged mac over her pink lingerie and wearing nothing else and posing on the carpet, this is the epitome of rainwear glamour. Lavinia has on a hooded see thru striped mac over her black bra and panties and she loves to show off while being hooded at the same time. Emily looks stunning in her white body stocking so with it has to be a white spotted clear mac and she changes her high heels for white Hunter wellies. She makes a great show of putting on her boots and then continues to show them off with her legs spread and high in the air. Cannot think of a better way to show off such a beauty.


20th September


128 pics &
HD Video Clip


Spoilt for Choice
High Definition Video
Emily in Spoilt for Choice
7 mins 35 secs - 341 mb

Emily was spoilt for choice when she realised just how many umbrellas I have, she loves them and could not wait to open them all up. Over thirty here for her to play with and that is just what she did and picking out her favourite it was the white plastic lace one and she now wants one of her own like this.
More ladies out in their macs and boots and very beautiful they look too. Violet is looking very stunning in a long blue striped mac and blue wellies. The mac is tied at the waist as tight as possible and after taking a little splash about in the water the very happy Violet does up the tight fitting hood over her head. This only makes her even more appealing, of course. Drew is wearing a pink nylon jacket and with her bare legs and feet the result is quite lovely. Sitting on the fallen tree she hoods herself and then walks a walk along it, tightrope style, showing that the shorter the rainwear the more lovely it looks when your legs are as long as Drew's. Alexia is in a knee length very soft blue mac with short black rubber wellies and making her way across the foot bridge. Being quite windy she hoods herself and then twists and turns pulling her mac up to show off her legs, boots and beautiful black patterned tights. Lavinia is out in the town wearing a gorgeous double breasted short bright red trench coat with red Hunter wellies. There may have not been a lot of people about as it was quite early in the morning but she did collect a lot of admiring looks and comments, showing just how many people like outfits lik
For most people there is one thing which they like the best and for Allen S it is these short black rubber retro wellies and so here is Shannon showing them off in just about the best way possible. In a black pvc knee length coat and gloves to match her boots she first kicks her leg high in the air and after taking a seat is very happy to spread her legs and bring them high into the air in several ways to make sure they look as delightful as possible.


13th September


130 pics &
HD Video Clip


The Mud Returns
High Definition Video
Imogen in The Mud Returns
9 mins 30 secs - 427 mb

It is Autumn and with the rain the mud has returned just in time for Imogen to dress up and play around in it. Dressed in a shiny red belted hooded mac and red Hunter wellies she was very keen to get stomping and kicking around in the mud that had been churned up by the tractors. With the hood pulled up and her gloves put on she then had to smear mud over herself, just because she could and wanted to.
Ladies in clear macs are so popular and it is easy to see why as it not only gives the protection that rainwear demands but also gives you the chance to see what the ladies are wearing under their macs and what could be better than Drew out on a warm summer evening to prove how delightful this is. She is at the river in a long hooded purple see thru mac and purple Hunter wellies and she is wearing just shorts and a skimpy top under this mac which starts off beautifully being silhouetted against the setting sun. Laying down at the rivers edge with the hood pulled up over her head she does look particularity glamorous as she shows off her booted bare legs. Jade is at a derelict church wearing a clear plastic trench coat and silver Hunter wellies and she has with her a silver handled antique umbrella. With the mac fully buttoned and the umbrella up she could not resist showing off her boots as well. Shannon is wearing an ankle length glass clear trench coat over her pink lingerie and with pink wellies. Again bare legged she sits on the garden seat before putting on a full head plastic hood which matches her coat perfectly and does add that extra dimension of fetish appeal.
This wonderful very heavy duty black rubber suit has just arrived from Richard F to whom I extend my utmost thanks for such a great item. I do not think that anything else I have offers such lovely full protection as this one piece suit. The only way into it is through a zip across the back and with the heavy duty hood as well this suit is going to be used with as many of the ladies as possible and with a very heavy duty black rubber coat it will look even better.


6th September


136 pics &
HD Video Clip


Loving Yellow
High Definition Video
Alexia in Loving Yellow
10 mins 20 secs - 265471 mb

Alexia at home and dressing herself all in yellow rainwear. First an ankle length bright yellow hooded mac with yellow wellies and then a semi clear yellow one over the top, then the addition of yellow rubber gloves and then a cape as well to make sure she is as covered as possible.
All of my lady friends are different and like different things and in this case different macs and boots. Imogen loves the clear macs and jackets and particularly the pink Hunter wellies and these two together does show just how lovely they do together. Fay is a yellow lover (as are several other ladies) so a plastic yellow trench coat with yellow Hunter wellies, which she could not resist showing off made her very happy. Shannon likes the coats that can be very tightly belted so macs like the beige riding mac she is wearing here is just perfect for her. Wearing it with waders and a sou'wester she found absolutely delightful especially knowing many people will enjoy seeing her dressed like this. Drew love the pole in the garden and quite happily will dance around it when she can. To make her even more happy put her in a shiny mac and shiny boots and her smile will never go away.
Alexia is quite happy to lounge around in her house in her rainwear and have a good time while she does it. In a bright red hooded mac in the doorway and couples with short red rubber boots she ties the belt tightly and then hoods herself and then poses and relishes in what she is wearing. In a very long shiny black trench coat and shiny black boots and gloves she looks very glamorous and after taking a seat opens the umbrella which adds a beautiful touch to her lovely outfit. She is a lover of the colour yellow so it only seemed natural that she should dress in lots of yellow rainwear. Starting with a long bright yellow mac which she buttons and belts after pulling on her yellow wellies. She then adds a another yellow mac over the top, then gloves and ends up double hooded with a cape as well and first sitting and then rolling around on her sofa really enjoying what she is wearing.


30th August


145 pics &
HD Video Clip

Buffy & Jade

Navy Games
High Definition Video
Buffy & Jade in Navy Games
6 mins 50 secs - 306 mb

Give the ladies something to scramble over and they are off and in these cases it is rocks and a digger. Buffy is in a retro very soft navy hooded mac with a tie waist and striped lining and happily climbing over the rocks. She looks particularly lovely after hooding herself and sitting on the edge of the rocks. Jade is in a heavy duty full length navy mac and delicately climbing and balancing over the digger arm and cab
My ladies are so beautiful and I feel very lucky to have them on this site. Violet looks stunning with her blonde hair and the lovely smile she always has when she is here. She is down at the weir and wearing a white retro mac with black edging and buttons and white spotted black rubber heeled boots. In her hand is the latest umbrella to the collection, it is the clear one with butterflies on it, which all ll the ladies love. The happy Violet kicks her legs in the air and wraps the mac around her as she makes her way down the path, her smile getting bigger all of the time. Lavinia is in a very bright yellow Rukka mac and shiny black wellies and is playing around on the bridge over the river. After hooding herself and being told by a passer by (the man whose back appears in the pic) what a wonderful colour mac it was she ends up in the archway and supporting herself in a sitting position across the stone arch. A beautiful warm summers eve and Drew is paddling about in the river in a long blue striped see thru mac and blue wellies. She loves this river and with the view is happy to come here at any time, just to do this.
I am always happy to post gas mask pics as I think the ladies look rather gorgeous when these are added to any rainwear outfit and when asked again for more with umbrellas I am even happier as these two items together do make a lovely double act. Jade is wearing a navy blue retro trench coat with blue wellies, a blue full head gas mask and blue umbrella.. This combination is very glamorous and exciting to see. It is Shannon in the long pink mac and pink full head gas mask with the lovely small eye holes and with the pink umbrella with the clear windows, she is another lovely sight. The new lady Estella is wearing her first gas mask with a navy striped hooded ma


23rd August


125 pics &
HD Video Clip


Lovely in Waders
High Definition Video
Jade in Lovely in Waders
5 mins 55 secs - 265 mb

Jade looks very stunning in waders especially when wearing them over her tight fitting black pvc cat suit. First in black wellies and a clear mac she found the mud in the river too sticky and deeper than she thought so it had to be waders, with black rubber gloves and sou'wester and doesn't she look gorgeous as she makes her way down the river and then onto the river bank.
More of my beautiful ladies all very nicely dressed and doing what they do best and that is enjoying being here. Fay is wearing a retro navy very cute and feminine mac with nay Hunter wellies and she is in the mud at the edge of a pond and after doing up the top button on the mac she adds the matching rain bonnet which looks very good knotted at the back of her head. Imogen loves this heavy beige trench coat, so is always very happy to wear it and with it tightly belted and with white boots and gloves it does not get much better than this for trench coat fans. For Lavinia it is a knee length bright red mac with red wellies and red gloves, she is out in the wind in the field and as the mac has a huge hood she not only pulls it up over her head but over her face as well until her head is fully covered in red plastic. The gorgeous Emily does look very demure and coat in her long nay mac and navy wellies. A very glamorous lady who hoods her self which only makes her look cuter than ever with the lovely smile on her fac
Short macs and boots with bare legs are a favourite of Lian and being the summer this is the time to make lots of pics like this. Here is jade in a knee length black mac with short black wellies and showing off her bare legs does provide a beautiful sight especially when she kicks her legs in the air. Also a new member George has asked to see short macs and wellies but with a rain bonnet or hat. Just happen to have these pics of Lavinia taken a couple of weeks ago and we can always do more as she does look rather cute like this.


16th August


114 pics &
HD Video Clip

Buffy & Drew

All For Fun
High Definition Video
Buffy & Drew in All For Fun
7 mins 45 secs - 349 mb

Buffy down at the beach in a black Rukka mac and black Hunter wellies, Drew in the garden in a blue rain suit practicing rowing and waiting for the chance to take it onto the river. Then Drew again dressed in green nylon and wellies and out on the river on her paddle board, her latest fun toy.
Fully dressed or partially dressed in rainwear can both look very glamorous, either way is delightful as you can here. Kiti is wearing red rain trousers and wellies and a clear short red edged mac over her beautiful lingerie and is playing around on the pole dancing pole before she brings up the macs hood and then reveals her lingerie by undoing the mac and pulling down the trousers. Lavinia is out in town in a stunning retro style purple see thru mac which has a a huge skirt and high heeled boots, an outfit that gathered a lot of attention as she walked up into the city. Then comes Shannon in a clear white spotted hooded mac, tiny bra and knickers and high heeled shoes, leaving the mac open she hoods herself and tightens it as much as possible as many of the girls do of their own accord. Then there is Jade in a clear black spotted mac and high heels happy to pose and tied up the mac hood as tight as possible once again.
Everything we do here is just for fun and the reason the ladies keep coming back is because they find it so much fun as well. Here is Buffy in a black Rukka mac and black Hunter wellies, first playing around on the breakwaters and then in the edge of the sea, the whole time smiling and having lots of fun. Drew loved my boat but being unable to take it out at this time she decided she wanted to play around in it in the garden. So in a blue rain suit and heavy duty blue wellies she began to practice her rowing technique. The with her own paddle board she was dressed in a green nylon Peter Storm jacket and green Hunter wellies as she took her board out on the river on a beautiful summer evening and getting lots of admiration from the passing boats as she did so.


9th August


120 pics &
HD Video Clip

Violet & Shannon

The Right Time
High Definition Video
Violet & Shannon in The Right Time
9 mins 25 secs - 423 mb

It does always rain at the right time but when it does it is a case of getting outdoors as soon as possible. Violet in a red mac and silver boots and Shannon in a clear white spotted mac and then with a long purple cape added, both of these ladies wee having a very happy time out in the fields and the rain.
Three ladies looking very glamorous and well dressed and out in town. Jade is wearing a retro green mac with short black rubber boots and is out on a car forecourt as she wanted to see what she could not afford!! With the mac tightly belted, her sun glasses on the top of her head and the huge collar on the mac turned up she really does look quite stunning. Alexia is wearing a green Rukka mac and shiny black wellies on a very hot day and is down by the boats on the river estuary. Again looking very glamorous and happy she hoods herself and takes a walk along the harbour wall before taking a seat in front of the boat. Lavinia is in the town center by the market place wearing a shiny black trench coat and high heeled boots and liking the admiration she received from the passer byes as these pics were taken. A butterfly umbrella and matching rain hat were with her and the only thing that could have made things more perfect was for it to rain.
Clive likes to see the ladies dressed up in mac, wellies, gloves and hood but relaxing indoors which he says he finds quite delightful with the contrast of outdoor clothing while sitting around in the house. Here is Alexia doing just that while dressed in a white spotted mac, striped white wellies and white gloves all over her delightful outfit of short black dress and black patterned tights. Of course like so many other times when the girls have hooded themselves they cannot resist so many times to tighten the hood as much as possible which I know will please many others as well as Clive.


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