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HD Videos


19th February


122 pics &
HD Video Clip

Mallory, Violet, Imogen

All Sorts
High Definition Video Featuring Mallory, Violet, Imogen
11 mins 40 secs - 526 mb

All sorts of ladies in all sorts of macs in all sorts of conditions, what more could you want? Mallory is in the bright sun in a long green cape, Violet is wearing a black and white retro mac playing about in the flood puddles and Imogen is in a blue trench coat and bonnet and stamping about in the mud.
Here are five examples of my ladies loving their nylon jackets and trousers. Fay is in all blue and her jacket is soaking wet and she is tightly hooded which makes her appearance even more appealing. Shannon is wearing a pink cagoule with a jacket over the top, the jacket first open to show the cagoule and then zipped up before she sits onto other nylon jackets on the floor. A red Peter Storm cagoule for Imogen with blue nylon trousers and she tucks her long blonde hair into the jacket hood and then puts on a blue jacket over the cagoule. Silver has been so impressed with the nylon collection and is very happy to be able to play around and wear it when she can. This includes playing with as many of the jackets as possible at the same time. A yellow jacket and boots for Ruby with a red one draped open over her, she peels back the red one to show off the yellow one and tightens the hood down over her face, Tightening these hoods as far as possible seems to be something that all the girls love to do whenever they hood themselves, I do not see any reason to ever have to stop them doing this.
All sorts of ladies in all sorts of macs in all sorts of conditions, what more could you want? Mallory is in the bright sun in a long green cape and wandering through the park before sitting herself down by the lake. Violet is wearing a black and white retro mac with black Hunter wellies playing about in the flood puddles and the wind manages to turn her white umbrella inside out which amused the friendly river fishermen. Imogen is in a blue plastic tightly belted trench coat and bonnet after she had tucked her lovely blonde hair into the coat and and she had a ball stamping about in the mud and even getting her feet trapped in the sticky mud.


12th February


134 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helena & Violet

Rukk & Roll
High Definition Video Featuring Helena & Violet
10 mins 45 secs - 486 mb

Rukka macs are very popular with Violet so I thought we would get them all out for her to play with. With us both in red Rukka macs we adjourned to the bedroom where there were seventeen others on the bed for her to play with by rolling around in and after a change of macs I wrapped her up in several of them until she was fully covered, something she was very happy about.
Ladies in rainwear and gas masks is always an exciting sight that looks quite amazing when the ladies wearing them are my girl friends and me. Ruby is wearing a full head black rubber mask with small eye holes, all of which goes so well with her short jacket over her lingerie and long black rubber gloves and black rubber Hunter boots on her bare legs. Then comes a blue dressed Anita in a blue head head mask. Then a shiny black Shannon has a new mask that she bought with her and we made sure this mask fogged up when she went outdoors as this is quite a delightful effect. Then comes myself and Ruby in matching black rubber full head masks connected together by a breathing pipe, what better way could there be to wear masks? Finally Violet in a white rainwear outfit with a white rubber swim cap with a lovely small mask over her face with a white tube and filter on the end of it. It may be a child's mask but does look so good when worn like this.
Rob W has asked to see more with pvc hoods and Justin wants to see clear macs over black pvc with high heeled boots so here I am hoping to please these two members as well as many others at the same time. I am wearing a black pvc body suit, fishnet stockings and knee high heeled boots. Over this outfit I have on a glass clear ankle length trench coat which I button and belt around be. Then up comes the body suit hood which covers my head leaving just my eyes on view when the zip is pulled up over my nose. Now with the mac collar turned up, this is an outfit I truly love.


5th February


144 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helena, Violet, Ruby

Making a Mess
High Definition Video Featuring Helena, Violet, Ruby
10 mins 20 secs - 465 mb

We do have many gunge and messy fans so here is a little more of Violet and myself with a couple of buckets of gunge to play with. With thin disposable macs over our rainwear I started by tipping some over Violet before she did the same to me and we both ended up covered in this bright coloured gunge which meant we had to end up cuddling each other. A nylon clad Ruby could not resist rolling and sliding about in the coloured gunge she had to play with.
My girlfriends were christened by of Lazuli a long while ago as 'The Foxy Army' and that has stuck with me ever since and this title sums up these beautiful ladies just perfectly. Ruby is wearing a beautiful bright red double breasted pvc trench coat along with red rubber boots, gloves and full head hood. With the mac belted she turns up the collar and brings herself down onto the floor. Violet is in a bib pant outfit with Hood waders and long black rubber gloves and this very happy lady is always willing to pose and play in an outfit such as this. A bright sunny day fro Mallory but she is happy to wear this long heavy navy mac against the cold. With the sun very low in the sky and getting in her eyes she tightens the hood as much as possible which is always a good thing to see. A cold day for Kiti so it was a heavy duty yellow trench coat over red trousers and jacket. The coat has been belted and buttoned, the high collar fastened and with her tightly hooded, it makes a great outfit for a cold day. Then comes Elyssia in a pink rain suit and again with waders and long black rubber gloves and she has a clear mac to wear over the top after which she ends up tightly double hooded.
Phil has asked to see one of the ladies topless in jeans with clear trousers and jacket and then bent over. Ruby is wonderful at anything like this as she loves to show her body off whenever she can. So here she is with her trousers tucked into her black shiny boots and then bent over and pulling the clear trousers very tight over her bottom as she bends over as far as she can. Then she has to show off her topless side while sitting on the desk with her legs in air and then doing the splits.


29th January


124 pics &
HD Video Clip

Buffy, Imogen, Mallory

Loving the Blues
High Definition Video Featuring Buffy, Imogen, Mallory
11 mins 00 secs - 498 mb

Buffy is in a playground wearing a blue hooded mac and blue wellies and having a ball playing on the toys. Imogen is in a blue rain suit with a blue padded mac for starters and then a blue mac over her suit. Mallory is down at the docks in a blue Peter Storm nylon jacket and she adds a blue nylon coat over her outfit to cover herself up.
Of course this is all about love. I love being with my beautiful girl friends and we all love to dress up which only brings us all a lot closer together. Shannon and myself are both in heavy duty cotton trench coats, green for Shannon with green Hunter wellies and red for me with red Hunter wellies, both of our macs and fully buttoned and very tightly belted which only makes these coats look even more attractive. Dressed like this and holding hands with a beauty like Shannon does make me very happy. Then I ma with the lovely Violet who has been here for such a long time just because she loves to be here. We are both in retro metallic macs and each with a matching bonnet. It is silver for Violet and green for me and we are both in purple Hunter wellies. In these long loose fitting macs and with the hats tied in place under out chins we both love the look of each other as well as feeling pleased with ourselves. Then in long hooded macs with Imogen and with the macs tightly belted and the up and tied in place we ended up playing and kicking our booted feet into the air before we settled down to tightly cuddle each other.
Buffy is wearing a blue see thru hooded mac with blue wellies and gloves and really enjoying herself playing in the children's playground and always with a huge smile on her face. Imogen has on a blue plastic rain suit and a light blue full length padded coat which is so good for the cold weather and is something all of us love to wear. After stamping around in the mud she changes her coat for a hooded blue mac so now dressed in two macs she does look so lovely. Mallory is down at the docks an a bright sunny but very cold day wearing a blue Peter Storm jacket and black Hunter wellies and playing about in the puddles. After hooding herself she puts on a long blue nylon coat over her jacket and double hoods herself to protect herself against the cold and the bright sun.


22nd January


138 pics &
HD Video Clip

Mallory & Kiti

Fun in Waders
High Definition Video Featuring Mallory & Kiti
11 mins 55 secs - 538 mb

Mallory is down at the beach in full heavy waders with waders and she makes her way to the sea for a little splashing about before laying down on the sand. Kiti is first in the river in her Hood waders and red bid bib pants before struggling up the bank and finding lots of mud to play about in and cover herself rather delightfully.
It is always lovely to see the ladies happy with what they are doing and Buffy, Ruby and Jade do love every minute of being here I am happy to say. A smiling Buffy is wearing a clear black spotted hooded mac over a silver jacket and she has black Hunter wellies on her feet. She is sitting on the edge of an empty children's paddling pool wishing there was water in it but happily hoods herself and walks around the edge of the pool under the gaze of two friends of hers who happened to be out on their flats balcony. Ruby happened to find this abandoned and graffiti covered old sofa while she was wearing a yellow rain suit so she has very happy to drape herself all over it, which provided a lovely setting for her outfit. Jade is in a navy striped mac and navy wellies and playing around at the beach huts and then on the promenade railings and looking very lovely after she had tightly hooded herself and continues to pose in the most delightful ways.
Both Mallory and Kiti love the waders and are always ready to wear them so on a very cold sunny day Mallory was dressed in a heavy rubber coat, gloves, sou'wester and of course waders. First posing in the sun she makes her way to the sea and enjoys splashing about in the surf before laying down to show off her outfit in another way. Kiti is in a red bib pant outfit and Hood waders and makes her way up and down the river while she kicks and splashes as she goes. After climbing up the river bank she find lots of mud to stomp her way through and then sits in the mud and covers her waders and then her outfit. Kiti loves the mud so she is coming back very soon so we can get her covered in mad and gunge as much as possible.


15th January


168 pics &
HD Video Clip

Shannon, Imogen, Helena

Coping in Capes
High Definition Video Featuring Shannon, Imogen, Helena
11 mins 05 secs - 501 mb

First comes Shannon in a yellow cape and heavy boots and playing about in the garden. Second comes Imogen in an ankle length tartan cape with her tightly hooded at the same time. Thirdly come me in a red cape down at the beach waiting for the sunset and then back at home in a purple see thru cape over my black lingerie and with a few other capes for good measure.
Six stunning ladies all dressed as they should be and very lovely they look too. A very glamorous looking Violet in a see thru plastic trench coat over her summer dress and also wearing heeled black high boots, the contrast between the mac and boots is very appealing. Elyssia is wearing light blue bib pants over a blue rain jacket and with the hood pulled up and zipped as high as possible. April is wearing a yellow Rukka mac for the first time and with the mac tightly belted and her hooded she was very taken with the quality of such a mac. A very tightly belted navy mac for Vixxen as she wanted to see just how tight the belt could be done up. Ruby is wearing very high heeled black knee high boots with her bright red retro jacket and is playing with fallen leaves and then putting on a red rain hat and turning up the huge lovely collar. Then comes a very heavily rubber dressed Elle in waders, coat, gloves and sou'wester and to make things even better the coat is soaking wet as wet rubber always looks better than dry rubber.
Always trying to find the wind when wearing capes as having them blowing around only adds to their appeal. Here is Shannon in a yellow cape and heavy boots and playing about in the garden, tossing leaves in the air and then rolling around in them. Imogen in an ankle length tartan cape with her tightly hooded against the cold wind when it would blow for her. I am first in a red cape down at the beach waiting for the sunset and trying to find the wind which only seemed to blow at the wrong time. Back at home in a purple see thru cape over my black lingerie and with purple Hunter boots over my fishnet tights with a few other capes laid out on the floor to make it more fun to lay on.


8th January


152 pics &
HD Video Clip


Macked & Masked
High Definition Video Featuring Helena
9 mins 30 secs - 426 mb

In response to asking to see more gas masks here I am wearing them with my macs as I go about my rainwear life. In pink and out in the garden with a full head tight fitting mask. Helping to unload fire wood in a blue plastic suit and clear spotted hooded mac with a black mask strapped over the blue hood. Then in two different grey masks while taking my dog out in a silver mac and boots.
Here are three ladies getting out in their macs and it does not seem to matter if the sun is shining they are still very happy in macs and rubber boots. A perfect wet day for Fay so she is wearing a long blue hooded mac and shiny black wellies and she starts down at the river in the rain. With her hair tucked into the hood and the hood tightened she finds some puddles to splash around in and some tyres to climb on, jump off and continue with more splashing. Ruby is in a clear tightly belted mac and out in the sun looking glamorous in her heeled boots and with her hood pulled up. Seated on the wall and then standing she tightens the hood down over her eyes and tied it so only her nose and mouth are showing from under the hood. Jade always enjoys herself so much and this time she is in all pink, showing off her legs and then playing around on the sea front telescope before finding a shelter. Here she first sits, then lays down with her feet in the air and then ends up upside down as she enjoys herself more and more.
For Rob, Milo and Alan and all other rubber fans here is Violet looking very stunning in her all rubber outfit out on the sand dunes on a very hot and sunny day. In a long heavy rubber coat, buttoned and belted with black rubber boots and black long rubber gloves she also has with her a black rubber sou'wester, swim cap and gas mask. First the swim cap is strapped onto her head and then the sou'wester over that. Aster which her full head black rubber gas mask is stretched over her head and the sou'wester goes back on. After this she fits her full head gas for a while and finished with the coat hood very neatly tightened around her head as she leaves the beach. It is lucky she still likes to dress in all of this rubber on the hottest of days.


1st January


154 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helena & Shannon

Things to Do
High Definition Video Featuring Helena & Shannon
10 mins 05 secs - 445 mb

There are always many things to do and when having to do a little hoovering, a short lilac rain jacket with a lovely hood seemed to be the right thing to wear. Then cleaning the kitchen floor in a green mac and wellies was the most suitable outfit. Shannon was willing to help me out in the garden so a heavy yellow work suit and heavy wellies on her was just perfect.
I love all of my ladies and seeing them like this is just one of the reasons why. Imogen is dressed in all blue with trousers, mac and boots and is sitting on a covered desk surrounded by many more macs and boots. Ruby is out on a hot day down at the river in a white striped mac and pink Hunter boots. First in the shade and then out in the sun she peels open the mac after hooding herself to reveal her tight fitting rubber dress. Fay is in a yellow short rain jacket with yellow rubber boots and showing off her three striped leggings which are her favourite. A black rubber dressed Violet in a lovely very heavy retro mac with boots, gloves and sou'wester and looking even better when the mac is belted and fully done up and the sou'wester tied onto her head. A nylon outfit for Elle with trousers with braces and two jackets and this tight fitting outfit does show off her magnificent body.
At this time of the year we all love our Christmas trees, so a little tree hugging is very much allowed, and we all love to show them off. Buffy only wanted a small one but still spent a lot of time decorating it as she did the rest of her house and showing it off while wearing a red rain jacket, hat and red Hunter wellies gave her a lot of pleasure. Shannon was so pleased to find a grey tree to match her house decor and with the tree decorated and her in a yellow Rukka mac and yellow boots, she does look rather wonderful. For my tree I wanted to wear my new rain suit (thanks so much Phil) to celebrate the tree and this lovely suit is a great light colour which goes with the dark tree so well.


25th December


124 pics &
HD Video Clip

Violet, Ruby, Buffy

All For Fun
High Definition Video Featuring Violet, Ruby, Buffy
9 mins 45 secs - 441 mb

Violet is out in a red rain jacket and red wellies and playing about on the path and then on the ornamental pond edge. Ruby is dressed in a long yellow mac and trying to get through the sticky mud and after sitting into the mud proceeds to muddy herself. Then Buffy in a long green mac trying to catch sea gulls and friend the swans and then finds a swing to enjoy herself on.
Glamorous ladies who so many seem to love and think they never look better than this when in rainwear. Shannon is wearing just a blue plastic mac over her bra and knickers and with blue wellies on her bare legs. First with the mac wide open to show off her body and lingerie, she crosses her legs and hoods herself before lifting up her bra to reveal her naked breasts and then enjoys herself opening up and wrapping the mac around her. Imogen is out in the garden when it was warmer wearing only a micro mini skirt and black rubber waders, over which she has on the very long glass clear trench coat which is buttoned and belted but still reveals her breasts behind the clear plastic. With the big collar turned up and a matching rain hat she journeys out into the bright sun, where she looks even better. Elle is wearing a black mini dress with green waders and a green mac sitting a high stool and then switches to a see thru navy striped mac with navy boots after she had pulled down her dress to show off her huge breasts. Dressed like this with the mac open and closed is indeed a lovely sight. Ruby has on a long clear mac over her black lingerie and is more than happy to show off her body by pulling up her mac to show off her stockings and rubber booted legs and then fully opening the mac so nothing is missed.
Everything we do is for the fun of it and these ladies love to come here for this very reason. Violet is out in a red rain jacket and red wellies on a wet cloudy day and could not resist walking down the pond parapet and kicking her leg into the air, balancing on one foot and showing how fit she is. Then hooding herself she makes her way down the path and ends up sitting on the wall tightly hooded against the cold. Ruby is wearing a full length loose fitting belted bright yellow mac and first tried to make her way through the deep and sticky mud, but ends up sitting in it, whic h is when she starts to cover herself in the mud and looks quite happy and pleased with herself as she does so. Buffy is down at the river trying to chase the sea gulls and sneak up on the swans in her long green hooded mac. Always smiling she slowly makes her way to the playground where she selects a swing to play around on. The very same swing she used to play around on when she was a child.


18th December


128 pics &
HD Video Clip

Violet, Silver, Lolli

Good Friends
High Definition Video Featuring Violet, Silver, Lolli
10 mins 20 secs - 468 mb

Violet is with her good friends. First with silver and Violet is dressed in pink and Silver is dressed in purple and they are playing about with the wellie collection by slapping each other with them and then covering themselves on the floor with as many wellies as possible. Then Violet and Lolli are both in striped belted and hooded macs and first helping themselves to black berries and then apples.
Seven ladies showing off just how good very tight belts and can look. A shiny black dressed Ruby is out in the sun with a very tight very wide belt and tight hood.. Malika is in a tightly belted beige riding coat and Fay is in bright red with a wide and tight red belt and a hood which ends up tied down over her eyes. Then comes tightly hooded Buffy, first with a clear black spotted hood and then with a bright green one , both being tied down over her eyes. Then in a blue hooded mac with a blue belt buckled as tight as possible and a tight hood and she is out doors against a bright sky to show off her outfit. Shannon is wearing a black plastic rain suit with black rubber waders and gloves. A very tight black rubber belt and her tight hood makes a very appealing sight. Then a few pics of me in a tight metallic green hood followed by Violet in yellow with her hood tightened down until just her nose is showing. Finally a little more of Fay in nylon looking very delightful with her very tight hood fastened in place.
Violet is with her good friends, first with Silver and then with Lolli. Silver and Violet are both dressed up with Violet in pink and silver in purple. They are on the floor playing around with the rubber boots and switch the ones they are wearing aster selecting different ones. Then slapping and playing around with as many as possible they each pick up as many as possible into their arms and then lay and cover themselves as they get close to each other. Then out in the Garden with Lolli they are both in striped hooded and tie belted macs. Helping them selves to lots of black berries and then after the hoods have been tied up around their heads that start to collect apples from the tree and the ground as they stamp on the bad and damaged ones


11th December


154 pics &
HD Video Clip

Buffy & Shannon

Rukking It
High Definition Video Featuring Buffy & Shannon
10 mins 50 secs - 490 mb

Rukka macs are very good for the cold weather and here is Buffy in a green one for starters playing around in the park around the ornamental pond and shelter. When belted and hooded she does look delightful. Then in a red Rukka mac she finds herself a 'poking stick', jumps back and forth over the water and kicks around in the winter leaves. A yellow Rukka mac for Shannon as she could not resist climbing around on this digger which had kindly been left just for her.
The ladies always look so good when dressed up as I am sure you will agree and here are three more lovely examples. A very glamorous Ruby is wearing a plastic gold trench coat with her high heels and the first thing she does is to tighten the belt as tight as possible. Looking around an old abandoned bus stop and then tucks her hair into the coat and wraps it around her before venturing out into the sun before returning to the shade. Violet and Silver are wearing identical navy macs and short black wellies and they are out in the field on a hot sunny day. The macs are belted and the ladies tightly hood themselves as they stroll and dance their way across the field, loving each other as they go. April is playing about in the water at the beach and she is wearing a short orange rain jacket with a very short leopard skirt and fishnet tights. Her coloured boots match the umbrella she is carrying. She has pulled up the hood against the cold wind and opens the umbrella as she playfully makes her way through the sea water puddles.
Sue T said in a message that they love Malika, the glamour galleries and the colour pink on the ladies, so here is a glamorous looking Malika in pink for you. Wearing a beautiful short pvc pink mac and pink lace up boots she is carrying a pink cape and a pink umbrella. The mac is fully buttoned and she is happy to pose with the mac pulled up to reveal her lovely bottom. She then fits the cape around herself and brings up the hood and then opens the umbrella before taking a seat on the garden chair and pulling back the cape and lifting her legs in the air, which shows off her legs, boots and body all in one go.


4th December


140 pics &
HD Video Clip

Lavinia & Ruby

Cold Weather Protection
High Definition Video Featuring Lavinia & Ruby
10 mins 35 secs - 480 mb

Plastic macs are not good in the cold unless you are wearing a winter coat underneath then they can look so very good. Lavinia has on a long hooded purple mac over her cream coat and she is with purple Hunter wellies as well. With both coats fully done up she looks so lovely as she explores. For Ruby it is a long clear trench coat over a lovely camel coat and she adds a clear rain hat including wearing it back to front over her face (her choice) for the extra protection.
We always love to enjoy ourselves and when with each other we enjoy ourselves even more as you can here. The pics of Violet and Silver was the first time Silver put on a mac here and she was blown away by the amount of macs in the collection. With both of them in bright red hooded macs they only wanted to admire and cuddle up to each other after the macs had been tightly belted. After hooding each other it only bought them closer as they tugged on each others hood draw strings. With Buffy and Willow in metallic Rukka style macs they wanted to go and meet Terry the ram and then go up into the field where they wanted to play around on the straw bales. Helping each other onto the top of the bales and then making their way along them and trying to push each other off as they went. Then comes Violet and myself in yellow and enjoying each others company on the carpet. Violet is in a plastic yellow rain suit and I am in a yellow plastic trench coat and I am very happy to hood her as she is to bring up my collar and get as close to me as possible.
Many like Phil M, John G and Ryan love to see the ladies layered up in their macs so here is Fay in a blue nylon suit plus a blue plastic suit and then with a blue hooded mac over the top. After zipping up the blue suit she buttons the blue mac and ends up triple hooded as well. Then comes another loose fitting blue mac over the top and this hood is tied up onto her head and tied off at the back of her neck. Then to go with her four layers, blue boots and gloves comes a blue umbrella to make sure she is fully protected. Also four layers for myself including a yellow suit, an long clear hooded mac and then a purple hooded mac with a clear spotted mac over the top.


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