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HD Videos


18 th April


122 pics &
HD Video Clip


Happy to be Back
High Definition Video Featuring Violet
8 mins 45 secs - 394 mb

I am very happy that Violet is back and she is hopefully here to stay this time. What better way of celebrating her comeback than to have her dressed in wet weather gear like this. First, in a very tightly belted black rubber mac, black rubber boots, gloves and sou'wester and down by the river where she could play on the pontoon. Then on the beach in a blue cape with the wind blowing creating the perfect environment for such an outfit.
Four ladies to be admired because of their beauty and making the outfits they are wearing look so glamorous and exciting. Ruby is wearing a clear mac with white spots over her lovely leopard print lingerie and white Hunter boots over her black stockings, she is hooded and sitting on the desk with her knees crossed. She slowly undoes the mac but stays hooded and shows off her lingerie in a very delightful by kicking her legs into the air and she then tightens up the hood with her white gloved hands. Luci is wearing a combination of red and black lingerie over which she has a beautiful very smart short red pvc mac and she shows just how glamorous you can look when the mac is buttoned and belted and her high heels are swapped for red wellies. The only thing Emily is wearing is a tiny pair of white knickers apart from her see thru blue mac and purple patterned wellies and after spreading her legs to show off her bare legs and boots she hoods herself and then begins to undo the mac. Staying hooded she peels back the mac until her bare breasts are on view.
Violet is always smiling when she is in these pics as she is very happy to be back in town and especially to be back here. The weather may be getting warmer but that is no reason not to have her dressed in a fashion ready for the wet weather. A sunny day down in the surf and she is wearing a red Rukka mac and black boots and gloves and looking quite stunning, of course. After tying up the hood tightly around her head she splashes about in the sea edge and then decided to stand on and walk along the wave breaker. In full black rubber including coat, boots, gloves and sou'wester she first kicks her way through the mud and puddles, smiling the whole time and then adjourns to the pontoon, sitting and kicking her rubber booted legs in the river before laying down making the view of Violet and her outfit quite wonderful. Hooded in a blue cape and enjoying playing about in the wind as it picks up she turns into and away from it showing off the full benefit of the cape as it blows out around her.


11th April


118 pics &
HD Video Clip


Kitchen Chores
High Definition Video Featuring Helena
10 mins 40 secs - 481 mb

There are always chores to be done in my house so why not do them dressed in in a very appropriate way. To clean the floor and the wall I dressed myself in white rain trousers, white jacket, patterned wellies and rubber gloves. Then came a long white apron and the jacket hood and it was time for me to get onto my hands and knees to scrub and clean the floor and wall.
The ladies out in hooded macs and even though it my not have been raining it is no excuse not to wear the hoods. Ruby is down on the beach and she is wearing a long loose fitting green mac with red wellies and gloves. After making her way carefully across the stony beach she hoods herself and then climbs onto the wave breaker and walks along it as if tightrope walking. With the long sleeves coming down over her gloved hands it adds a nice touch for those that like the ladies dressed like this. For Buffy it is a blue Rukka mac and blue wellies and being on the steps at the river she had to have a little kick around in the cold water before hooding herself and moving to the picnic table and standing and sitting on the table giving delightful views of what she is wearing. Lavinia is in the most delightful bright red long hooded mac which has been very tightly belted around her. At the ornamental pond on the edge of the golf course, she delighted at her environment and enjoyed showing off her boots (as she always does) after sitting on the grassy slope. Climbing over wooden logs or anything else is something she will always do if given the opportunity.
Clear macs are so popular and it is not difficult to see why when you see a beauty like Shannon dressed up in one. So for Melvyn, Rolf, Keith S an all other clear mac fans I have Shannon out in the sun and looking quite stunning. In a very long hooded clear mac and silver Hunter wellies and silver edged umbrella Shannon is out taking a walk on a winter but very sunny day. With the umbrella up and silhouetted against the sun it is a great way to show her off. Then when hooded she makes her way down the path alternating with the umbrella up and down. Finishing out in the bright sun she tightens the clear hood down over her eyes so just her lips can be seen.


4th April


124 pics &
HD Video Clip

Violet, Ruby, Victoria

Finding Water
High Definition Video Featuring Violet, Ruby, Victoria
9 mins 10 secs - 415 mb

The one thing you have to do if it will not rain is to find some water as rainwear and water go together just like strawberries and cream. So on these occasions Violet was dressed in a bright blue trench coat and found some left over floods to walk through. Ruby, in her striped hooded mac found the sea to splash around in and for Victoria it was the river on a cold day with sun and wind as she strolled along the rivers edge.
You can never have too much of these ladies dressed up and looking as good as they do and it does not matter if they stay in or go out the delight of seeing them is just the same. Meg is an absolute stunner and when you put her in a bright yellow Rukka mac with white Hunter wellies and she goes out into the sun, her beauty multiplies ten fold. The same applies if you dress her in a long shiny black plastic trench coat with a very wide and tight belt, it becomes difficult to imagine anybody looking any better in their rainwear. For Elle it is a beige heavy duty trench coat with her white wellies, white gloves and a lovely white sou'wester and give her a pile of wellies to in and play around in and she is very content with her world. A long thin dark red Rukka mac for Victoria with black boots with red laces and a very cold windy day which did nothing to stop her enjoyment. At the edge of the park pond she was grateful for the hood but still enjoyed the fact the wind was blowing the mac in all directions. Malika is very beautiful and when you put her in a see thru blue mac with blue wellies over her black lingerie and give her a huge wooden chair to drape herself over the result is just what you would expect and the proof is what you see here.
When the ladies are dressed up in macs and boots the other thing that is always required is water so finding it is always part of the mission. On a cloudy day Violet (who has just returned to town) was dressed in a light blue plastic trench coat with dark blue wellies and gloves and soon found some left over flood water to play around in. Adding a dark blue rain bonnet and umbrella to her fully done up outfit did mean she was dressed in her 'Sunday best'. Ruby has on a striped see thru long hooded mac with black boots and is down at the sea jumping in and out of the surf and looking quite stunning as she does so, of course. An icy cold windy day for Victoria but only a thin light blue hooded mac to wear, but she still smiled her way through it as she strolled thorough the rivers edge in her heavy duty black boots. The blue umbrella helping to keep the cold wind off her and the sun doing very little to help. She was grateful for the shelter of the nearby ruins.


28th March


142 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ruby & Helena

Wet & Messy
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby & Helena
12 mins 30 secs - 568 mb

Ruby wearing a long hooded navy mac with a similar clear one over the top had Helena pour custard over her head and body. Ruby then rubbed this all over her body, smiling as laughing as she did so. The more custard she has poured over her the more she loved it. After being covered she laid herself onto the grass and gave everybody a few 'custard angels'. Dressed in nylon trousers and a red Peter Storm rain jacket and sploshed myself with shaving foam 'pies' first on my botty then on my chest and finally over my head. Then it was time to rub it all over me before washing it all off with a water hose.
Macs from the past gives a reminder what has gone before and just how delightful, feminine and lovely some of these outfits were. For myself and Jade it was 1960's brightly flowered knee length plastic macs and to go them was brightly coloured wellies. Jade was very impressed with these as bright colours always attract her. To go with these macs we had cone shaped patterned rain hats, which are not only unusual but lots of fun to wear. For Buffy it a bright yellow trench coat with a shoulder cape, big collar and belt. With the mac buttoned and belted and with riding boots and gloves she was very happy to have a tree to climb over. With the addition of a yellow spotted rain bonnet tied on her head over the big upturned collar she really does look like she belongs to yesteryear. If you like the 19080's fashions you must love Victoria in this long loose fitting black and white mac, it fits her perfectly and when the matching hat has been added and with a smile on her face she said this is the best mac she has worn here, so far.
Ruby had never been sploshed before and thought it was a wonderful idea to have it done to her. So wearing a long hooded navy mac with a similar clear one over the top she had Helena pour custard over her head and body. Ruby then rubbed this all over her body, smiling as laughing as she did so. The more custard she has poured over her the more she loved it and even enjoyed the taste as well. After being covered she laid herself onto the grass and gave everybody a few 'custard angels'. I was dressed in nylon trousers and a red Peter Storm rain jacket and sploshed myself with shaving foam 'pies' first on my botty then on my chest and finally over my head. Then it was time to rub it all over me before washing it all off with a water hose.


21st March


129 pics &
HD Video Clip

Victoria & Helena

Waders Forever
High Definition Video Featuring Victoria & Helena
14 mins 30 secs - 659 mb

It was a bitterly cold and windy day for Victoria but that did not stop her wanting to wade in the boat pond so dressed a warm as possible in bib pants, jacket and long Hood waders she was happy to play around in the very cold water. I tried to wade through the ditch in green waders but the mud was so sticky and deep I could barely move even when six inches from the edge, but the dressing up and trying was a good enough reason to do it. Leaf raking was required so a nylon suit and Century waders with long rubber gloves had to be the perfect outfit for this little job in the sun.
Four beauties who are looking particularly stunning with their macs and boots over their lingerie, a great combination to make sure the view is the best possible. Ruby starts off fully dressed in a pink hooded mac and pink wellies and gradually reveals her lingerie by pulling up the mac to show off her bare legs and knickers and fully opens up the mac to show us her beautiful lingerie but leaving the loose hood in place. The very stunning buxom Meg shows off her lingerie and purple riding boots as she swings around on the high stool in her silver mac. Then comes Flame, another new lady in pink with pink spotted wellies and she swings around on the post with her legs in the air to make sure her legs and boots are on view. The beautiful Emily is wearing a clear plastic trench coat over her black lingerie and very high heeled boots. This experienced dancer show just how nimble she is as her legs go vertical in the air as she rotates herself around the pole. This has to be pole dancing at its best for all rainwear fans.
For those that love to see the ladies dressed in more than one mac as seeing them fully covered like this makes it so very exciting. Phil M, John G, GoPh and Ryan who love to see the ladies multi layered and hooded here is Elle and Ruby for you. Elle Has on four wet layers and she slowly starts peels them off showing one is being worn backwards and she does look very happy about doing this. Ruby is wearing three macs and plastic overshoes and rubber gloves and pulling up the macs she is happy to show off her plastic rain trousers and wellies. Loving to be fully covered she triple hoods herself and then tightens the hoods down over her face. The effect being enhanced by the fact the macs are sticking together because they are wet, just like Elle's.


14th March


134 pics &
HD Video Clip


Work, Rain & Play
High Definition Video Featuring Helena
9 mins 05 secs - 410 mb

The work is loading the dish washer and washing up in a red pvc trench coat and red wellies. The rain is out in it, in a purple mac taking my Husky for a walk. The Play is playing around with my rubber glove collection while dressed and hooded in a long striped navy rain mac.
It is said the variety is the spice of life so lots of variety has to be a very good thing. Ruby is wearing just a clear rain jacket over her bra and knickers and she is with waders that are too long for her legs so the tops have to be turned over, cavalier style. With her perched on a high stool it is a good way to particularly show off the waders. Elyssia is outdoors on a dark evening wearing a long bright yellow cape with heavy black and yellow wellies. This outfit looks stunning and even more so after she has donned a long yellow sou'wester, yellow lovers must love this. Then comes Meg one of my latest beauties and she is wearing a long blue mac with blue Hunter wellies over her blue lingerie. This lady has a beautiful body and this is a great way to show it off. A short pink rain jacket and pink wellies for Emily on her bare legs and she lowers herself onto the floor and kicks her legs out in front of her so she and yourselves can admire her boots. Finally there is a blue covered Violet wearing a shiny blue retro mac with blue wellies and gloves and she adds a blue rain bonnet which leaves her looking like she has come from the 1960's, absolutely gorgeous isn't she?
Instead of work rest and play, this is my version of work, rain and lay. Dressed in a gorgeous bright red short trench coat and red Hunter wellies and red rubber gloves, it was time for kitchen duties as there was the dish washer to load and some washing up to be done. With the coat fully buttoned and a matching rain hat on my head it seemed like a lovely way to dress for housework. Actually catching the rain is often a problem but did get it right on this occasion, so in a bright purple mac and lace up wellies I was up the fields with my Husky. The rain did not last long but was fun while it did. When it was time to lay around it was time for a see thru purple plastic trench coat and my new RockFish purple lace up wellies. Also with gloves and an umbrella it was a great combination to wear while laying around on the bed..


7th March


126 pics &
HD Video Clip

Buffy & Shannon

Having Fun
High Definition Video Featuring Buffy & Shannon
7 mins 40 secs - 344 mb

Buffy is dressed all in pink and out in the park and climbing all over the exposed beautiful tree roots. She is hooded and wearing pink Hunter wellies as well and takes a seat among the roots as well as trying out the swing which had obviously been left just for her. Shannon is in a bright yellow Rukka mac with bright red wellies and gloves and doing something that always makes her happy. That is trampling through puddles and playing around in the mud so this pathway made Shannon a happy lady as well.
It is always better to see the ladies out in their macs even if it is the middle of winter and very cold. Luckily enough the ladies are very brave and do not mind a bit as macs and boots are always welcome at times like this. Jade looks very stunning and glamorous in a bright purple metallic mac and short purple Hunter wellies. She is playing around on an old bandstand and after hooding herself and walking down the steps onto the wet grass she has to kick her way through a puddle. A see thru red mac and red wellis for Buffy and a turned off water fountain to climb about on and then taking a seat on the edge so she can show off her mac and her boots. A very cold day for Lavinia but she till put on a brave face when down among the boats in a black zip up mac with white Hunter wellies and white gloves and umbrella. The black and white combination looking stunning on her, just as it always does.
Gordon readily admits he is a huge rubber glove rubber and has asked me how many pairs I have as he always love to see them on this site.. Here there are approx. 44 pairs and this is not all of them, too many pairs, I do not think so and am sure many will agree with me as well. With the gloves spread out on the table I put on the gorgeous Bizzy Bee orange pair and then gathered up into my hands as a rubber glove bouquet which is something Gordon asked me to do. Then with long red gloves and then long black rubber gloves it is a job to know which I love the best.


28th February


138 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ruby & Helena

Snow Days
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby & Helena
8 mins 15 secs - 374 mb

Lots of snow for the first time in five years and the coldest of weather but Ruby could not wait to get into the gardent o have a play around in her bright red hooded mac. I thought going for a walk along the river in a clear mac over a fur coat would be ok, but too cold for that. Even in an arctic padded coat it was too cold to enjoy, but my Husky loved it every time.
Seven ladies for your approval, which I am sure they will have lots of. The beautiful blonde Imogen wearing a long purple see thru mac over her lingerie with purple wellies and playing with a purple umbrella. Bella loving the clear zip up mac and rubber boots over her bra and knickers. Buffy out on a windy day in an ankles length green cape and black Hunter wellies. Ruby looking quite glamorous in a shiny black plastic trench coat with the addition of shiny black boots, gloves and a rain bonnet. Shannon in a retro white mac with a mix of black and white kicking her way through the puddles and adding a spotted rain bonnet. A gold trench coat and high heels for Lavinia at the train station on a sunny day. A long clear hooded mac for violet silhouetted against the sun on a winters day and hooding herself as a little cold protection.
Phil M has said lately how he likes the bright long hooded macs you see here so her is a little more with these yellow and pink ones. Ruby delighted in the yellow one and especially the gold wellington boots. With the mac belted she hoods herself and then just kept on tightening it for her own pleasure and hopefully for yours too. This is something many of the ladies do without any prompting and that they find so enjoyable. Mallory is in the pink one with pink patterned boots and is taking her time getting through the muddy puddles with a big smile on her face, of course.


21st February


139 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helena, Elle, Flame

Beautiful Masks
High Definition Video Featuring Helena, Elle, Flame
8 mins 00 secs - 360 mb

First there is myself trying on a new grey gas mask, then Elle caped and masked and under the garden shower and then the new and beautiful Flame trying on gas masks for the very first time with myself and lots of fun it was too. Flame now wants to try on and wear the masks a lot more often now she has found just how beautiful and fun they are to wear.
Four ladies who always look beautiful and even more so when they are dressed up to appear here. Mallory is wearing a long shiny super quality navy mac and pink patterned wellies, the weather is cold and windy but after being hooded as well she was more than happy to splash about in the puddles. A red caped Buffy along with red wellies and gloves and she is playing around in the park bandstand and even got herself photo bombed by a friendly dog. A very bright sunny day for Shannon in her blue retro mac and blue Hunter wellies and an old telephone box to admire. These boxes may not be telephone boxes anymore but at least they are still here. A black plastic shiny belted trench coat for Lavinia and very unlucky that there were lots of swans at the rivers edge as she is very scared of them. They did her no harm but she was happy to move away and take a seat on the table where she adds a rain bonnet to her assemble.
Six ladies in gas masks and macs, always a lovely sight if you love the masks and like to see them putting them on. A fully covered Elle and gas masked before she takes a garden shower. Siren wearing a pink full head mask with tiny eye holes along with her glass clear mac with little underneath. Violet puts on a mask that she loves to wear as it has the breathing hose down the front and it does look quite delightful with her Rukka mac. A red macked Jet first puts on a tight fitting red rubber swim cap and then a red gas mask over the cap, a requested combination. A very long hooded navy mac over her black pvc cat suit with a navy gas mask to complete her outfit and looking wonderful with the mac open and closed. Then full rubber clad Imogen with waders, mac, gloves and sou'wester plus an Israeli style black rubber gas mask to make sure she is properly dressed.


14th February


122 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ruby & Flame

Loving Yellow
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby & Flame
7 mins 25 secs - 334 mb

When Ruby bought around Flame it was not long before I found out they both love the colour yellow so it first had to be yellow Rukka's and then very long plastic hooded macs for them both. With them both dressed in yellow Rukka macs and patterned wellies they very soon wanted to go outside as it started raining a little. After hooding each other they began to play fight before cuddling up to each other. In long yellow plastic macs they both found lots of enjoyment in the many old fetish and rainwear magazines I have. All of this making a great introduction for Flame.
Four more ladies by the names of Buffy, Lavinia, Jade and Imogen all dressed up and ready to go out or stay in as the case may be. Buffy so wanted to take a my Husky for a walk so with her dressed in in a shiny black plastic trench coat and black Hunter wellies off she went. It was a very sunny but cold day and with the cold wind she was grateful for the black edged rain bonnet which finishes off her outfit perfectly. A see thru blue hooded mac with red wellies and gloves and Lavinia prepares to go outdoors. Once outdoors she tightly hoods herself against the cold as she takes a seat on the bench. Jade is wearing a heavy duty yellow riding mac with yellow tipped shiny black rubber waders and black gloves. With the coat buttoned and belted she ties a sou'wester onto her head which then makes her look so much better. A matt red Rukka mac and green Hunter wellies and Imogen is out on a cold winters foggy day showing off just how nice macs like this can look as she plays around among the chopped down trees.
Melvyn has been a long time fan of clear macs and he loves the ladies in their clear macs over their lingerie and to see them slowly removing the mac. Allen S loves the traditional short black rubber wellies so here I have the most beautiful new lady by the name of Meg to prove just how good these two items can look. The lovely busty Meg has on a hooded clear mac which starts off tied tightly around her head and body and as she undoes the mac it reveals her gorgeous body and with her booted feet up on the table she is going to keep a lot of people happy now and in the future on these pages.


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