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HD Videos


12th December


156 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ruby & Kat

Muddy Days
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby & Kat
8 mins 10 secs - 370 mb

Wet and cloudy days and here comes the mud. Ruby is wearing a yellow plastic trench coat with a rain bonnet and splashing around in the muddy puddles before taking a seat in the mud and then showing off her muddy backside. Kat is in a blue matt Rukka mac with blue nylon trousers and jacket underneath and happily undoes the mac to show off what she is wearing.
The ladies always good very good and here is a little more proof. Kiti's pub cellar is often flooded so she always keeps her wellies handy and here she is with a red mac to go with her green wellies. Elle is in a heavy duty navy mac and out in the low sun, looking good and even better after she has tied the hood up over her head. Jade is always ready to play around so prancing around in a long black shiny mac is second nature to her. Lots of sun and clear skies for Violet but here she is in a long hooded clear mac and black Hunter wellies down at the dock on the edge of town climbing over everything she can find. Then a fishnet clad Flame sitting on the table in a short glass clear mac and surrounded by much of the gas mask collection. Different ladies in different situations and as the title says, always good.
Many thanks to Arne for sending me these bib pant outfits over the last few years, they are absolutely delightful and now the winter weather is with us they make being outdoors so much more delightful. Violet is wearing the light blue ones which may be a little large on her but this also makes it that bit more fun to see. The first time for Vixxen in the navy ones with a navy matching jacket which she wants to wear outdoors next time. Me in the orange ones catching the setting sun which is so beautiful on so many occasions and the colour matches the sun perfectly.


5th December


135 pics &
HD Video Clip

Lavinia, Jade, Buffy

Doubled & Wet
Jade & Buffy

Making a Mess
High Definition Video Featuring
Lavinia, Buffy, Jade
9 mins 15 ecs - 418 mb

First Lavinia in a green Rukka mac and green wellies with a purple wet mac on top enjoying her time at the lake. Then Jade and Buffy loving to dress and hood each other with their wet macs and then settling down on the bench and cuddling up each other as the more time they spend with each other the more they are loving it.
High Definition Video Featuring Buffy & Jade
6 mins 30 ecs - 294 mb

Jade and Buffy both dressed in trousers and macs and could not wait to get messy. Starting with splashing plates of gunge at each other and then progressing to pouring the gunge over each other and then enjoying making sure each is properly covered. These two loved having gunge fun together.
In their macs and boots the ladies are outdoors, just where they should be, even on the hot and sunny days. There is something very appealing about seeing these ladies fully dressed and hooded in rainwear on hot sunny days and for Mallory this was the hottest day of the year and she was down on the beach. In heavy navy wellies and a striped mac which is tied tight around her waist she hoods herself before venturing out into the sun, but she was still happy to stay there until she starting boiling! A miserable wet day for Ruby and she is in a light green hooded mac and she is climbing on a picnic table, just because she could. Keeping the hood tight around her face to keep off the drizzle only makes her look even better. A leopard print mac with a wide black belt and black Hunter wellies for Violet and more sun and she is down at the docks and enjoying the wind. A walk along the dock wall and then clamping the hood around her face as she moves along past the boats and ships. For Jade it is a see thru blue mac so you can see her tartan dress and blue wellies. First posing against the park gates and then moving along the wall she looks amazing every step of the way.
For Phil, Alan and all other wet and messy fans here is Jade and Buffy having an absolute ball as they pie and gunge each other and love every minute of it. Starting with plates of gunge they slap them and throw them over each other. When covered with this out comes the gunge proper and laughing all the way through both girls end up fully covered and with them smearing it all over each other they end up cuddling each other and still laughing as they do.


28th November


142 pics &
HD Video Clip

Buffy & Jade

New Friends
High Definition Video Featuring Buffy & Jade
10 mins 35 ecs - 478mb

This was the first time Buffy and Jade met and getting them dressed up in macs only added to the delight of meeting each other. With them both in green Rukka macs and out in the sun and mud they had a ball jumping and playing around with each other. Then in matching yellow rukka macs they were given a lot of balloons to play with and their fun together went over board as they played with and burst all of the balloons.
Buffy and Jade had never met each other before this day but I knew they would get along. That is such and understatement as they became good friends from the moment they met and they could not wait to get dressed up in macs and boots as they knew this would add to the fun of it all. With them both in green Rukka macs and black wellies they were out in the cold and bright sun with a JCB to climb about on and mud to jump around in, the only problem was getting them to stop. In doors and this time in matching yellow Rukka macs they were given a lot of balloons to play around with. This of course ended up with more fun as they teased and played with each other before bursting all of the balloons. Then it was matching macs again and this time it was long heavy duty navy macs with nay boots and black gloves. Making sure their macs were fully done up they hooded each other and produced sun glasses before venturing from the shade into the bright sun where they found a water sprayer to spray each others macs with. These two will have to come back together as they had such a good time and it was such an enjoyable delight to see them like this.
Four ladies looking very lovely being only partially dressed under their macs. Drew is wearing the latest black spotted clear mac (thanks again Phil) over her white bra and knickers and also a black rubber swim cap strapped under her chin. The mac is fully buttoned and the collar is turned up and Drew is very happy to show off her slim body and her bare feet which is something she does particularly like to do. Jade is down on the floor wearing again a black spotted clear mac, but this one is hooded and the hood is tied nice and tight around her face. You can see her red lingerie and she is wearing red short wellies on her bare legs. Posing in front of the mirror does show off how delightful she is. Ruby is in black skimpy lingerie with a white spotted hooded mac over the top and white wellies, she first peels the mac open, then pulls up the hood and then wraps the mac around her showing off her legs in the process. Fay is in black lingerie with black and white boots with a short clear rain jacket and she is happy and very pleased with herself.


21st November


122 pics &
HD Video Clip

Lavinia & Violet

Coping in Capes
High Definition Video Featuring Lavinia & Violet
8 mins 45 secs - 393 mb

Two very capable ladies out in the sun and wind in their capes. Lavinia is wearing a black nylon cape with green waders and out on the open field twisting and turning in the wind and then sitting down with the cape draped around her. Violet is in a full length tartan cape and out on the sun dunes. The combination of cold wind and bright low sun made wanting to be wrapped up so wrapping the cape around her just had to be done.
Seven more snapshots of my lady friends in their rainwear and I am loving every one of them. Lacey on her first shoot in a clear white spotted mac with white Dunlop wellies and after hooding herself she undoes the mac but keeps the hood up. A blue dressed Fay also has on a blue rubber swim cap to compliment her blue mac. Drew is in a yellow Rukka mac with heavy duty steel toe capped wellies and heavy duty long rubber gloves to which she has taken a particular liking. Then a few shots of a very contented Kat in a black rubber coat with Hunter black rubber wellies on her bare legs and again long black rubber gloves and a swim cap of the same for good measure. Elle is in a combination of pink, purple and blue nylon jacket and trousers and is nicely hooded and again the long black rubber gloves are making an appearance. For Lavinia it is a belted and hooded green Rukka mac with green Hunter wellies and enjoying herself outdoors. Finally Ruby is wearing a see thru blue rain jacket and blue wellies over her black lingerie and she is looking even better when hooded.
Loose fitting macs on ladies once more which is always a pleasant sight for these lovers. It is seeing the ladies fully covered with an ankle length mac and long sleeves over their hands and hoods covering their faces as much as possible for Mike B and Luce that they like best. Violet is in a navy mac and finding a puddle to kick around in and Jade is in a green one and delighting in playing about in hers.


14th November


138 pics &
HD Video Clip

Ruby, Buffy, Jet

Clear to See
High Definition Video Featuring Ruby, Buffy, Jet
10 mins 00 secs - 452 mb

Ruby in beautiful black lingerie and a glass clear plastic trench coat and short black rubber boots doing a lovely strip tease. A double macked Buffy with gold Hunter wellies and the top mac on backwards pulls up and tightens the top hood over her face, delighting in what she is doing. A smiling Jet ding up a long clear mac over her lingerie while being surrounded by many more macs and she tightens up the hood down over her head so only her lips are showing through.
Short rain jackets with boots is always a gorgeous combination especially when it is beautiful young ladies dressed this way and whether they have many other clothes on or not. Elle was very impressed with this see thru pink Hello Kitty jacket as she had on pink lingerie and then with pink patterned boots as well. She has been a Hello Kitty fan for a long while and she just happened to be wearing her own Hello Kitty socks as well. Lavinia is on the beach and she is wearing an orange work jacket with heavy duty orange safety boots. With the temperature dropping she hoods herself and lets the sleeves drop down over her hands before she sits herself down on the sand and tightens the hood a little more and brings her lovely boots into view. The sun was out for Violet so it was a a blue Peter Storm jacket and very muddy blue boots and she hoods herself to keep the sun out of her eyes. Then a little more of Violet in a short clear jacket over her short dress and she is with patterned wellies on her bare legs. The comes Jade in a very becoming pink rain jacket with pink Hunter wellies and pink umbrella and she is very happy to dance and play around in the tunnel with her umbrella playing a beautiful part.
A glamorous looking Ruby in beautiful black lingerie and a glass clear plastic trench coat and short black rubber boots doing a lovely strip tease after removing the full head glass clear hood she is wearing as well.. A double macked Buffy with gold Hunter wellies and the top mac on backwards pulls up and tightens the top hood over her face, delighting in what she is doing. A smiling Jet ding up a long clear mac over her lingerie while being surrounded by many more macs and she tightens up the hood down over her head so only her lips are showing through.


7th November


142 pics &
HD Video Clip

Kiti & Lavinia

Wading Out
High Definition Video Featuring Kiti & Lavinia
7 mins 10 secs - 321 mb

Kiti and Lavinia wading out in the sea and looking quite delightful as they do so. Kiti is wearing long La Crosse waders over her nylon suit and then a very heavy rubber coat, gloves and sou'wester to go with her waders. Lavinia is weaning Bulls Eye waders and a red Peter Storm nylon jacket with long black rubber gloves. Both ladies are having a ball splashing and coping with the waves reaching the top of their waders.
Come rain or shine is a popular phrase and it applies perfectly to rainwear as it looks so good in both, or any other weather, come to that. Lavinia is on the beach on a warm and bright sunny day and looking very lovely in a long clear hooded mac and big heavy navy wellies, the sun glasses being a beautiful accessory for a sunny day. After hooding herself she had to have a climb about on the wave breakers (just as all the girls want to) finishing with a jump back onto the sand. Was not expecting the sudden violent squall that happened when Ruby was out in a grey trench coat, gloves and sou'wester with her own high heeled boots. The wind and rain was immense and only lasted a few minutes which means Ruby was either very lucky or unlucky to get caught in it, depending on how you see things. She was drenched in a couple of minutes and luckily enough she was wearing a mac that shows off the rain beautifully. It was early evening and the sun was going down and Jade is dressed in a full length red plastic trench coat with short red boots and red hat, gloves and umbrella and is enjoying herself on the grassy knoll. Posing and playing around is something she loves to do and here she makes a wonderful job of it as she shows off her bare legs and her beautiful smile.
Mervyn S says he has always been a clear mac fan but other things come into his world that he loves as well. In the last couple of years he has taken a particular fascination in gas masks and in his words, 'finds them incredibly appealing'. This can only be a good thing, of course and he has asked to see more of the ladies in clear masks and clear macs. I do just happen to have images like that and here is Ruby and Flame cuddling up together, followed up by Mallory on the beach. Then there is Celeste in clear trousers and jacket and then Flame again in lingerie and clear mac and is wearing a mask and surrounded by many of the collection.


31st October


168 pics &
HD Video Clip

Helena with Kat & Jade

Indoor Delight
High Definition Video Featuring Helena with Kat & Jade
8 mins 35 secs - 386 mb

Playing around in my bedroom with the ladies dressed in macs and boots is such an absolute delight and these two episodes were just wonderful. With Kat and myself in hooded silver macs and silver wellies it took just seconds before we started playfully kicking and fondling each others wellies. Then, of course came the hoods properly tightened and after laying down next to each otter decided to change boots with each other as I wanted the Hunter silver ones. With this successfully completed we had to cuddle and caress each other, which is always necessary. Blue plastic trench coats and short traditional wellies for Jade and myself with the addition of blue spotted rain bonnets soon after. All of this now bringing us closer together as we admired and loved each other.
Four ladies outdoors in their rainwear, the outfits are always right no matter what the weather is doing. Buffy is wearing a thin green disposable hooded mac with black rubber riding boots and has with her a clear poncho which she struggles to get on over her head in the wind. With it eventually on and the hood is done up she is able to enjoy the wind blowing the macs around her body. A sunny day for Elle and she is dressed in an ankle length yellow plastic hooded mac and yellow wellies. First the mac is loose around her and she belts it and hoods herself before venturing out in the sun and her yellow outfit, the sun and her sun glasses does provide a very enjoyable sight. A muddy day for Ruby so a heavy duty navy coat with blue boots and gloves and a Hi Mac to climb over. The mac is tightly belted and she looks lovely with the hood framing her face. For Fay it was a glamorous red mac and red wellies, the mac is tightly belted and is at the rivers edge trying to escape the swans. Tightly hooding herself she sits down and just manages to reach the water with her red boots and realises that it goes too deep too soon to paddle in the water.
Here is Lavinia in three popular items that are loved by many. Nylon rainwear, waders and capes, all delightful in their own right and even better when the three are put together. A beautiful green nylon jacket for Roger F and Rain, with thanks to Roger for sending it to us, green waders for Robert, Ethan, Jon B, John K and all of the many other waders fans and then the addition of the cape for Arne and BC. Lavinia was very happy with outfit and reveled in the combination of sun and wind.


24th October


134 pics &
HD Video Clip

Lavinia & Violet

Messy Ladies
High Definition Video Featuring Lavinia & Violet
14 mins 00 secs - 635 mb

Lavinia is dressed in a blue suit with a clear suit over the top and starts with purple gunge over her head and she smears it all over herself. Then a bucket full of red gunge and she rolls around in it on the grass. Then a water hose is used to wash herself off. A full rubber covered Violet including waders, sou'wester a rubber hood and again out comes the purple and red gunge to completely cover her with the help of Helena, making sure no part of her escapes the gunge.
It is always happy days when we can get together and dress up with each other. It was a summer day and Violet and myself are in red Rukka macs and red wellies and outdoors on a hot sunny day. Both macs were were loose fitting and fully done up with the hoods tied up around out heads. This is always a good excuse to get closer to each other, which we always all do. Then I am with Kat and we are surrounded by nylon jackets and rainwear. With myself in a yellow K-Way jacket and yellow Hunter wellies and Kat in the same, but in pink we first wanted to show off what we are wearing and our stockings. Then hooding ourselves we played with each others hood ties, tightening each others hood as tight as possible. With the jackets zipped up and the hoods tied in place, it was onto the nylon jackets on the floor and us cuddling up to each other. Then again out in the sun is Jet and Vixxen in red loose fitting macs and heavy duty black wellies. Showing off their bare legs and pulling up the loose fitting hoods provides the first time these two appeared in rainwear together.
Lavinia is double suited with clear jacket and trousers over the top along with black rubber wellies and gloves. She pours a bucket full of purple gunge over her head and wipes it down all over herself as she kneels on the floor. Standing up again she slowly pours a bucket of bright red thick gunge over her head and then starts to really enjoy herself as she smoothes it down all over herself and then rolls around on the floor covering herself as much as possible. She then uses a water hose to wash the gunge off as best as she could. Violet is fully dressed in black rubber, with coat, waders, gloves, sou'wester and a full head rubber hood. Helena is there to first pour purple gunge over violet, followed by the red. Helena then throws more gunge over Violet and smears it all over her face and lifts up her coat to make sure the waders are covered as well.


17th October


150 pics &
HD Video Clip


Dark & Beautiful
High Definition Video Featuring Lavinia
10 mins 50 secs - 490 mb

Having a lot of disposable macs and with Lavinia unable make her mind up which colour she likes the best so she had to wear all three at the same time with heavy duty wellies. Green then the blue, with her having a little problem with the wind and then the orange one on top. With her triple hooded she wanted to climb the big oak tree which was very enjoyable to watch. I have so many black berries in the garden this year and Lavinia loves them so with her in a bright red hooded mac and gloves she helped herself and then smeared some down her coat and through her gloves for a delightful effect.
It is now the end of summer so getting many more pics like this will be rather difficult for the next few months. The ladies to look so good in the sun in macs and boots, the contrast of weather and clothing is exciting to see. Jade loves this black and white mac zip up coat and she does look good with black and white wellies as well. The sun was shining so her sun glasses added a touch of glamour and the village green seat provided a perfect prop for added glamour. Buffy is out among the sun dunes in a blue mac, hat and wellies. It was boiling hot so she was not wearing much underneath, but was till happy to keep her mac on. Violet is on the beach in a green nylon jacket over her bathing costume and she is bare legged and wearing nothing else. Hooding herself against the hot sun and climbing onto the wave breakers gave her lots of amusement and was very happy to be here. Mallory was very brave as it was the hottest day of the year and she is in an ankle length purple see thru mac and rubber boots. The mac is hooded and belted which again proves rainwear in the sun is just wonderful to see.
Lavinia is always beautiful no matter what she is wearing or what she is doing and here being dressed in rainwear, even if it is out in the hot sun is just proving the point. Having recently purchased a lot more disposable macs Lavinia could not make her mind up which colour she likes the best so she had to wear all three at the same time. A sunny but windy day was the perfect environment so coupled with heavy duty wellies first one on was the green one, then the blue, with her having a little problem with the wind and then the orange one on top. With these poppered up and with her triple hooded she wanted to climb the big oak tree which was very enjoyable to watch. Wind and sun again on the cliff top and Lavinia is in a metallic navy trench coat with black wellies and hat, the mac is tightly belted and she has to hang onto her hat. The idea of using the umbrella for wind protection soon failed as the wind turned the umbrella inside out. I have so many black berries in the garden this year and Lavinia loves them so with her in a bright red hooded mac and gloves she helped herself and then smeared some down her coat and through her gloves for a delightful effect.


10th October


128 pics &
HD Video Clip

Jet, Vixxen, Kat, Helena

Love in Macs
High Definition Video FeaturingJet, Vixxen, Kat, Helena
8 mins 25 secs - 378 mb

Two ladies getting together in macs and boots is such a delightful thing and is something that we all enjoy as you can see here. With Jet and Vixxen in blue plastic trench coats and short black wellies and out on a blue plastic sheet with blue umbrellas for good measure. They add matching rain bonnets and then a continue with an umbrella sword fight. Then there is Kat and myself in red hooded macs and red boots out in the sun and getting as close to each other as possible.
Kiti's basement in her pub was flooded so a little time to take advantage of that fact meant mac and wellies while she decided how to go about a clear up. A bright yellow nylon rain jacket fro Buffy on a hot day out in the sun and give her anything to climb on and she will do it. So hooded and on top of the straw bales she looks quite delightful and happy with what she is doing. A very glamorous Kat in a gold trench coat with red Hunter wellies finds a red spotted clear rain bonnet in the pocket and she ties that onto her head which only adds to her glamorous image. Drew has said how much she loves tight fitting hoods so here she is in a black rubber swim cap to go with her black rubber boots and gloves and a lovely loose fitting black and white spotted mac. Jade is wearing a matt red long hooded Rukka mac with her white boots and gloves and catching a little sun. Her sunglasses adding a lovely touch.
Laurent sent me this beautiful red very glamorous mac which suits Violet perfectly. Coupled with red rubber boots, she puts on red rubber gloves pulling them as tight as possible and then straps a red rubber swim cap onto her head, again making sure it is pulled very tight. The mac is then fully buttoned and the collar is turned up with the result being she really does look quite stunning. The combination of trench coats and swim caps will please lots of people, especially, Alastair, James, Seb T and Ryan. I do seem to be collecting many more swim cap fans, which can only be a good thing.


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