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Update 12th June
1x HD Video Clip
144 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Etsuka & Helena
8 mins 00 secs - 592 mb

Etsuka was so very impressed with my umbrella collection that she wanted to see them all. So together with us both dressed in pink macs we opened them all up to show off the collection. These thirty two umbrellas are only part of the collection as more are being added all of the time as they are wonderful to see and do make lovely play things.

The sun is shining on a few occasions but when it does it is no reason not to dress in macs and boots as they look wonderful no matter what the weather. Etsuka is in a delightful black spotted white retro mac with her own black and white trainers and with the mac tightly belted found some refuge from the sun in this old roadside wooden shack. She the rightly hoods herself before venturing out in it to show herself off fully dressed up. For Luci it was a very hot day but here she is in a delightful blue belted mac down at the river. With blue wellies on her fishnet stocking covered legs she pulls up the mac up to show them off before hooding herself and moving into the shade where she pulls her mac up even higher. Then comes a new beauty by the name of Salli-Anne and this is her first outing while in a green loose fitting mac with green Hunter boots. This lovely lady is so very keen and she loved every mac she has seen. Happy to show off her legs and boots and to be fully dressed and tightly hooded pleased her no end, so she will be back again very soon.
JC says he likes to see the ladies dressed in loose and tight macs it may seem like a contradiction, but what he means is that he loves to see loose, heavy duty and oversize macs which cover the ladies the ladies completely and to go with it he loves very tight hoods covering themselves up as much as possible, including what you see her and that is Violet with her hood tied so tight that only her nose is on view. Her mac is a navy heavy Grundens superb quality mac what fits her is such a perfect way that JC wants to see. Also with Violet loving to be heavily dressed she is very happy and hopefully you will all be happy to see her like this as well.

Update 5th June
2x HD Video Clips
152 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Violet & Lynz
14 mins 05 secs - 998 mb

Violet is fully dressed in a red rainwear outfit and Lynz is in blue. Both are nicely layered and with boots and gloves and both are multi hooded.
High Definition Video Featuring Luci
3 mins 20 secs - 243 mb

Here Luci is dressed in a clear see thru mac with white retro underwear outfit with knee high socks and a white rubber swim cap.

Here is our version of glamour and these three ladies look very stunning. Luci is wearing a clear mac over her white retro underwear with white knee high socks, plimsolls and a white rubber swim cap. Posing in front of the mirror means you get two for the price of one and it is a delight to see her showing off in an outfit that she thinks is wonderful. Shannon loves her new car and in a long clear hooded mac over her bra and knickers and blue boots to match her underwear is a great way for her to show it off. Happy with her car and happy with her outfit, what more could you want. Then comes more of our latest lady Etsuka and this times he is wearing an ankle length glass clear mac over her very short body stocking and coupled with red boots and gloves, she looks wonderful. Everything about her is beautiful including her lovely smile and hopefully we can keep her coming back here for a long while.
First come Violet fully dressed in red with a red rain suit, two hooded red macs and a red trench mac over the top. With red wellies and red gloves and a red face mask with a snorkel for good measure as well as being triple hooded and then an umbrella to make sure she is fully covered and protected. For Lynz it was all blue, again with a blue jacket and trousers, then a blue hooded mac and then a blue trench mac over the top. Soaking her macs for the delightful effect she adds a blue respirator over her two hoods and continues to soak herself. Then goes out onto the lawn to sit and lay down on the bed while playing with her umbrella.

Update 29th May
1x HD Video Clip
146 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Elyssia, Ella, Violet
13 mins 30 secs - 994 mb

Here is Elyssia in waders trying out her local river. Ella is out in the puddles after the nights rain and violet is in the flooded skate park bowl.

Four delightful beauties to be loved and adored. Shannon is in a silver hooded mac, first with it open to show off her very short skirt and black riding boots and then fully dressed and hooded but still willing to lift her bare legs up as high as possible. Then please say hello to Etsuka a dark haired beauty with a very exotic name. This is her first outing with us and she is in a clear mac over her tight fitting short dress and with red boots she is down at the sea edge enjoying herself in the warm wind and then taking a seat on the wave breakers was a good way fro her to show off her body, legs and outfit. Taxy is in an all white outfit and finding the muddy puddles in the field was just what she was hoping to find as this is what she had been looking forward to. Then comes Luci in a very short shiny black rain jacket, stockings and silver Hunter boots. Her jacket is so short that her stocking tops could easily be seen and did create quite a lot of interest from passers by.
Elyssia is wearing a pink rain jacket and waders and testing out the river near her home. Unfortunately it went to shallow to very deep too quickly for waders but she looks very good dressed like this. Ella is out in a blue plastic mac with a blue rain bonnet after the previous nights rain which meant there were plenty of puddles for her to play about in. Violet is dressed in all shiny black and finding that skate park bowl was flooded it gave her a perfect chance to play around in it and she managed to get out of it without much difficulty.

Update 22nd May
1x HD Video Clip
166 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Shannon
11 mins 05 secs - 819 mb

Shannon is wearing along black hooded mac with boots and gloves and then puts on a wet clear hooded mac over the top for good measure.

We try and make sure that all times here are happy and being out in our macs and boots is always one way to make sure we stay happy when we ca. I am out in a dark blue Rukka hooded mac with light blue Hunter boots and I am at an old derelict and abandoned church on a cloudy cold day. A very fascinating and interesting place as I love old buildings like this and this was a perfect outfit for such a trip. It was also a very cold cloudy day for Ella, even though it is meant to be spring, so a shiny silver trench mac with boots, gloves and a sou'wester was the right outfit. It did look like rain all day, but it did not happen, but that was no excuse not to use the umbrella. Luci is in pink, first at the ornamental fountain that she wanted to go to as she had not been there for a long time. This was followed by a trip around the beautiful park with her fully dressed, hooded and belted. Next time we will have to about playing about in the fountain itself.
Shannon is looking quite stunning in a long loose fitting hooded see thru Thor black mac with black rubber riding boots and long black rubber gloves. She has with her a wet long clear hooded mac which she puts on and buttons it up around her. Now with her sun glasses and double hooded she looks a lovely sight and after draping herself across the big chair she soaks her self with the water hose as wet macs, especially when stuck together is always a lovely sight.

Update 15th May
2x HD Video Clips
High Definition Video Featuring Luci, Taxy, Violet, Helena
7 mins 25 secs - 547 mb

Two ladies together is always a delight. Luci and Taxy are both in matt Rukka macs and playing together in the keep fit park. I am with Violet in metallic macs and getting ready to go out into the sun.
High Definition Video Featuring Luci
8 mins 30 secs - 629 mb

Three requests in one. Featuring the '60's hippy mac' wading in the river and changing from trainers into wellies.

Here are four ladies in see thru macs being used to cover themselves up and to show off what they are wearing under their macs. Elyssia is at home in her black decorate kitchen so a clear hooded mac looks so good in this environment when coupled with silver Hunter boots and especially when she is draped over her kitchen top. For Violet is was a clear mac over a red coat on a cold day, Violet hates the cold so being heavily dressed is always a pleasure for her. Luci is in a clear spotted mac over her lingerie, fishnet tights and high heeled boots. First sitting in front of the mirror and then out in the sun she looks stunning as she shows off her outfit. Then comes Taxy, the first time she was dressed like this in rainwear. A long hooded see thru mac with red boots and gloves where she ends up with her hooded and the mac fully buttoned and belted and then an umbrella as well to complete her outfit.
Being together with a good friend is a lovely thing and her when dressed up in macs it only adds to the fun of it all. Luci and Taxy are dressed in long hooded matt Rukka macs, blue for Taxy and red for Luci and both are in silver boots and having fun on the keep fit equipment in the local park Climbing and swinging around and then with both of them hooded it makes for a very pleasing sight. Violet and myself dressed in metallic Rukka style macs made sure ouir macs were fully done up and both of us were hooded before venturing out into the hot sun and hot spring days have finally arrived, but having rainwear for skin protection works for both of us.
Here is Luci completing three requests at the same time. Simon has asked to see 'the 1960's hippy mac' as he called the one here so here is Luci wearing that while wading in long waders for John and Bob and it was very fortunate that somebody had left a chair in the river for us. Then in the same coloured mac Luci changes from her trainers into wellies to add another colour to her outfit for Don and then opens a big coloured umbrella to add even more colour to her outfit.

Update 8th May
1x HD Video Clip
124 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Violet
11 mins 15 secs - 829 mb

Violet dressing up in an all white outfit with mac, boots, gloves and sou'wester and then switching to a white rubber swim cap.

This is time outdoors with four rainwear clad beauties. Lilith is in one of her favourite places and that is the woods near where she lives and loves to visit whenever she can. This time in a a hooded striped rain mac and wellies with her mac fully done up and with her tightly hooded and belted she looks gorgeous and then she opens the mac to reveal her tight fitting leggings and bodice. Luci is at the edge of the sea in a purple pvc trench mac on a very windy day. She delighted in the wind blowing her hair all over the place and did not mind that the boots did fill with water as she played about in the surf. Taxy is dressed all in yellow for a quick trip into the paddocks as she wanted to look around and see the farm as she was bought up on a farm and loves the countryside. Also she loved to be covered like this, which is a very good thing. For Sara it was a quick walk along the very muddy path in a red mac with a clear one over the top and with boots and gloves. This lady also loves to be fully dressed so we will have to keep her fully dressed on a lot more occasions.
Here Violet is dressing an playing around in white rainwear. In a white mac and boots she first puts a white sou'wester onto her head and then decided to put on the mac hood first and then white rubber gloves as well before going outside into the sun, the full protection is to keep her skin the same colour as her outfit. Then back inside she removes the sou'wester and hood and puts on a selected white rubber swim cap before the laying onto the sofa and playing with the other caps and covering her mouth and nose with them so she can inflate and suck them into her mouth.

Update 1st May
2x HD Video Clips
170 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Sara & Helena
6 m ins 40 secs - 494 mb

Mac fun with Sara dressing her up in three pink macs and then adding a gas mask as well to make sure she is fully covered and looking quite lovely like this.

High Definition Video Featuring Luci & Taxy
8 mins 10 secs - 600 mb

Ladies out in shiny black with Luci and her friend Taxy who has just joined us. Black macs, boots and sou'westers', perfect for this spring weather

Five fantastic ladies all dressed up and looking wonderful in their macs and boots. Sara is wearing a clear long hooded mac and black boots over her beautiful outfit and is very happy to be like this especially when she has to tighten her hood. Shannon is out in a very long and loose pink hooded mac and doing what she does best and that is just having a good time. Luci pulling up her clear mac to show off her stockings and pink boots is something she is always delighted to be able to do. Elyssia is in a red rain suit with a red see thru trench mac on top and with the her outfit fully buttoned, belted and hooded, she is dressed perfectly. Violet is in a silver Rukka style mac and silver boots and admiring my wall hangings and being fully dressed and hooded indoors is always something special to see.
Sara is so much fun to be with. Even though we have known each other such a short time it is wonderful to have her here. She loves the macs and so wearing three is great fun for her. With us both in pink I dressed her in two more macs and then a gas mask. This lady is a real gas mask lover so getting her to wear them is a pleasure for her. This time the mask did steam up but that looks quite lovely anyway. Having her fully dressed and masked is a beautiful sight, especially if she is with me.
First come Luci in a long hooded black mac with boots and sou'wester and an umbrella while out in the sun and the wind. A lovely outfit no matter what the weather. Then come Luci with Taxy and they are both in shiny black and down on the beach on another wet spring day.

Update 24th April
1x HD Video Clip
166 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Luci, Violet, Helena
13 m ins 35 secs - 970 mb

A few little episodes with Luci in a green nylon jacket and out in the wind, Violet in silver with a gas mask and myself jumping outdoors in a coat and mac after the rain and then starting to prepare dinner while still macked and booted.

These two ladies are wonderful and beautiful which is why we love them so much, with their looks, bodies and ability they are so perfect for us here. Luci is looking very smart and glamorous in a tightly belted riding coat and black riding boots and posing on the wooden frame with her fishnet covered legs in the air showing off her boots is a pure delight. Then she pulls up her mac to show off her stockings and boots even better. Then in a red see through mac and red boots over her back bra and panties, she again looks delightful as she bends over. Sara is wearing a red edged see thru mac over her red lingerie and with red very high heeled boots and her exotic make up she looks stunning. Draping herself over the sofa and then pulling the hood up, she then puts on a red gas mask as well as this lady is a genuine gas mask lover and will take very opportunity to wear one. Dressed like this with the mask again proves that both of these ladies are just wonderful.
Henry Ford once said 'you can have any colour as long as it is black when it came to his cars while Ronn thinks this should apply to rainwear as well. (he did put a smily face on this request). The more shiny black they are wearing the more he likes it so we have Sara in a hooded black rain suit with black boots and gloves and then a black hooded padded coat over the top. This glamorous looking lady loved this outfit as black is her favourite colour anyway. With the coat zipped and belted and with her double hooded she liked this outfit so much she wanted to take it home with her.
First there is Luci out in the field on a windy day in just a green peter Storm nylon rain jacket and green Hunter boots on one of the very few warm days we have had so far. After hooding herself she was happy to show off her topless body while staying hooded. Violet is wearing a lovely silver mac with black boots and a black rain hat over the top of a black rubber gas mask. A lovely combination that we know many will find very attractive. Then comes myself in the same mac with red boots which I kept on as I started to prepare dinner because it was so cold. Tried to catch the rain in a red coat with a purple see thru mac and was only partially successful but coats and macs together is always a good idea for the cold wet days

Update 17th April
2x HD Video Clips
104 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Luci, Sara, Helena
11 m ins 40 secs - 860 mb

Outdoors in macs and boots with Luci in a green Rukka, Sara in a red Rukka in the mud and myself in a retro yellow mac at an abandoned church.
High Definition Video Featuring Helena
12 mins 35 secs - 930 mb

Spring time to start sorting out my garden and fully dressed in yellow to plant a few bulbs and tidy up my green house so it can be used again.

Having a little fun outdoors is what this is all about as long as we are always dressed in delightful rainwear with macs, boots and gloves. Luci is in the park and having a lovely time in a green Rukka mac and gold Hunter wellies. First on the swing, then on the climbing wall and finishing up showing off her legs and fishnet stockings as she spreads her legs. For Sara it was a red Rukka mac and red wellies as she played around in the mud and managed to get herself stuck as she struggled in the sticky deep mud, but just managed to keep her boots on. I am wearing a yellow retro mac with white Hunter boots and white gloves to match the white buttons on the mac and I am at an abandoned church on a cold day. Then hooded and with a white umbrella against the cold wind it was good to find a little refuge against the wall and out of the wind.
A wet cold spring day and it is time to sort out a little bulb planting while dressed in in a yellow hooded mac and yellow wellies with the hood tightly tied against the cold wind. Then in a very mac a start to tidy up in the green house before adding a beautiful yellow sou'wester to my outfit and a yellow umbrella just for the fun of it as being fully dressed like this is always a good thing.

Update 10th April
1x HD Video Clip
164 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Helena & Shannon
11 m ins 55 secs - 882 mb

For the cold weather it has to be coats, boots and macs for all occasions. A clear hooded mac over a fur coat for me and a long clear hooded mac over her winter coat for Shannon.

Four Fabulous ladies to be enjoyed. The beautiful Sara dressed in a lovely bright red trench mac with a matching rain hat and red Hunter boots and this was an outfit she loved so much. Posing and showing off her outfit with a big smile on her face is a delight to see and we want to keep this lady for a very long time. Imogen is in a bright purple hooded rain jacket and red Dunlop wellies over her patterned tights and lazing about on the chaise lounge is a perfect backdrop for her. Lilith is out in a long red cape on a sunny day, capes may not be necessary in the bright sun but it does make them look beautiful. For Violet is is a yellow heavy duty rain suit with black rubber boots and gloves. The suit having a big hood did mean it was used to cover her head and then tightened down over her face, for the fun of it, until just her nose was poking through.
We obviously have a lot of gas mask fans including Milo, Phil and now Justin who has said that having the ladies fully covered is such an exciting sight, especially when gas masked as well. Here we have Mallory in a clear red mac with a rain hat and gas mask with an umbrella to complete her outfit. The umbrella being something Justin thinks they should always have when gas masked. So then we have Sara double macked, gas masked and again with an umbrella. We do agree with Justin that umbrellas with gas masks does look wonderful.
It may be April but it has still been very cold so another chance to go out in coats and macs along with gold Hunter boots and gloves of course. I am wearing a favourite leopard fur coat and on the beach on a cold windy day. A clear hooded mac had to be worn as well which is perfect for a cold day. Shannon is wearing a clear mac over her camel winter coat and loving very minute of it as she hates the cold and loves to dress up against it. Being fully dressed makes her very happy and hopefully it does you too.

Update 3rd April
1x HD Video Clip
124 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Luci & Elyssia
11 m ins 15 secs - 825 mb

Luci is wearing waders for the first time and a black patterned rain jacket and enjoying her first time in the surf. Then spreading herself out along the fence she is happy to show off her legs, waders and lingerie. Elyssia is fully dressed in black and tightly hooded with long black rubber gloves and she adds a wet and short clear rain mac over her outfit after soaking it in the surf.

These three ladies are simply the best. They are all stunning and looking amazing in lingerie, boots and macs, what more could you ask for? Luci is wearing a very long clear mac over her beautiful red lingerie and is couple with short red boots. Showing herself off standing and then sitting with her legs spread and draped over the chair arms she is a very beautiful sight. Shannon is wearing blue lingerie and tights with heavy blue boots and a see thru blue trench mac. She fits the mac on herself and then opens it to reveal her body and outfit and after removing her bra moves outdoors with a blue sou'wester on her head. Lilith is wearing thigh patent high heeled boots, black pvc leggings, a clear mac and nothing else. All the art work you see is her own and this blonde stunner is always happy to create more art with us here.
Two requests for something similar. Jose has asked to see more of long and loose fitting macs as she finds having the ladies fully covered is quite exciting and ICK would like to see more long capes and both have suggested that the hoods should be tightened as much as possible. So first here is myself in a long oversize navy mac out on the cliff top in a strong cold wind (spring has not arrived here yet) with the hood being tied tight which was very welcome against the wind. Violet is wearing an ankle length long and loose purple see thru cape and looking quite lovely dressed this way and she has her hood tightened down over her face which is something she always enjoys.

Update 27th March
2x HD Video Clips
140 pics
High Definition Video Featuring
Imogen & Elyssia
9 m ins 20 secs - 687 mb

Adding a rain bonnet to a macked ladies with Imogen in a gold trench mac and and Elyssia in a retro yellow one.
High Definition Video Featuring
9 m ins 35 secs - 706 mb

Luci is playing about in the park in a white mac and then playing around in the mud and puddles in a beautiful maroon mac.

Imogen is wearing a beautiful gold trench coat with gold Hunter boots and taking her time while sitting in a revolving chair putting on a concertina rain bonnet that matches her mac. When on her head she pulls if forward down over her eyes and then her lips until her whole face is covered and then she wraps it tight around her face. Elyssia is out in a yellow 1960's mac with a shoulder cape and with yellow wellies. In her hands she has a yellow spotted bonnet and a yellow patterned concertina one, both of which end up on her head and you can decide which one you like the best.
Luci is so welcome here, she is stunning in every way as you can see here. In a shiny black mac and black shiny boots she was more than willing to show off her legs and stockings and her lovely genuine smile shows how happy she is to be here. With the mac fully done up around her and with a matching rain hat and umbrella, her appearance is wonderful. In a long white hooded mac and black and white boots she loved to play around in the park. It may have been a kiddies but she has had a ball trying out all of the equipment including pulling her mac up over her bottom as she bent over. Then it was the mud and puddles in a long hooded maroon mac with red boots and gloves. This was something she had been waiting to do and she found it just as much fun as she thought it would be. All of this means is that Luci will be back for lots more as she is so excited and happy to be her, which is very lucky for us as well.

Update 20th March
2x HD Video Clips
120 pics
High Definition Video Featuring
Luci & Sara
10 m ins 30 secs - 776 mb

Luci and Sara dressed in blue macs and playing about in the surf and not minding flooding their boots as they do so.
High Definition Video Featuring
Imogen, Luci, Helena
9 m ins 30 secs - 690 mb

First with Imogen in long macs and rain hats and then with Luci enjoying her first time in yellow Rukka macs.

Say hello to Luci who has just joined us and what a stunner she is in all ways. These are her first pics and she is down in the surf in a blue mac and boots after draping herself over the wave breakers. Her boots soon ended up flooded as she played around then sitting on the wave breakers she pulls up her mac to reveal her stockings, boots and lingerie while keeping her hood up. A very beautiful sight of a very beautiful lady. Sara is wearing a blue plastic trench mac with blue boots and a sou'wester and laughed her whole way through as she ended up soaking wet as the waves got bigger and bigger. Give this lady mud, puddles or water like this and she is in her element. She had to pour the water out of her boots by kicking her legs up in the air.
Being with my ladies is a great pleasure and when meeting and dressing up with such beautiful ladies like Luci I am a very happy lady as you can see Luci is a beauty with a body to match and a beautiful smile and we are happy to say that she is loving being here and will be coming back for lots more. Have had several requests recently for more photos and videos of us ladies together so here we are in yellow Rukka macs an yellow wellies with yellow rubber gloves and yellow tipped umbrellas for good measure. A full outfit has to be the way to go. With hoods up and umbrellas open, the only other thing you could want is for Luci to open her mac to show off her stunning red lingerie as macs and lingerie together is very difficult to beat.

Update 13th March
1x HD Video Clip
146 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Lilith
6 m ins 40 secs - 493 mb

Two sides to Lilith. First in a silver body suit with a clear spotted mac over the top and then on the beach in a shiny black hooded mac and out in he sun.

I am very lucky to have so many beautiful friends and being with Sara, the latest beauty to appear here, is such a delight and I hope we will be spending lots of time together from now. With us both in silver hooded macs and big heavy black boots, it was delightful to be so close to her and hooding each other was an experience to be enjoyed. Cuddling up to each other and then opening the macs to show off our outfits and boots had to be done as well. Then with us both in shiny black macs and high heeled boots it was another reason to b close even though we had to fight over who wore the hat. Then with Imogen and with us both in full length macs, boots, hats and with umbrellas. For Imogen it was a bright red mac and a black spotted white mac for me and both were tightly belted. Hats had to go onto our heads and the umbrellas were opened to cover ourselves in a way rainwear ladies should be covered.
Lilith has many desires and if the involve anything alternative or different from the 'normal' she is always up for it. This is one of the reasons why she fits in here so well. Looking stunning in a body hugging silver one piece hooded body suit and silver Hunter boots she puts on a clear black spotted hooded rain mac over the top, the two together looking wonderful with the mac open and closed. In a tightly belted shiny black hooded mac she is down on the beach on a sunny, windy and cold day. She loves the beach huts and would love one of her own and she makes her way across the beach with the hood up to keep out the cold wind.

Update 6th March
1x HD Video Clip
136 pics
High Definition Video Featuring Imogen & Lilith
12 m ins 40 secs - 939 mb

Imogen fully dressed in a long red Hooded mac, boots, gloves and umbrella making her way through the mud and water and Lilith down on the beach in a retro mac with a matching rain bonnet.

Rainwear can look very pleasing when worn indoors as well as outside and here is Lilith in her flat in a long clear hooded mac and red boots, lounging around and wanting to show off some of her amazing art work. Then in her bedroom in a long pink hooded mac with gold Hunter boots she is laying on her bed looking quite stunning. Shannon has just moved into a new home and is very happy to be there. In a yellow Rukka mac and red Hunter boots she is happy to pose and lay onto her sofa where she is happy to hood herself and then puts up an umbrella to complete her outfit. I am in a full length rd mac and boots and wanted to put in on after cleaning it to see how it looked. I am very pleased now that it is very shiny again.
A cold wet day for Imogen so she is fully dressed in bright red rainwear with a long hooded mac, wellies and gloves and she is making her way through the mud and water at the village pond. Gettng a little stuck was inevitable and delightful to see at the same time. Lilith is down on the beach in a retro red mac with a matching rain bonnet. This 1960's style of mac is lovely to see on her and she could not resist showing off what she is wearing under the mac before fully buttoning it and adding the hat before venturing out into the sun, having a play in the outgoing tide and finding a little crab to keep her entertained.

Update 28th February
2x HD Video Clips
158 pics
High Definition Video Featuring
Shannon & Helena
9 m ins 05 secs - 672 mb

Down at the river with Shannon in a long clear hooded mac and myself in a red Rukka outfit
High Definition Video Featuring
7 m ins 25 secs - 547 mb

Imogen taking advantage of the flood water to go wading in an orange rain suit with black rubber hip waders.

Water is a vital ingredient in the rainwear world, whether it is to protect you from it or to enjoy being out in it. So being close to water whether it is a river, lake or the sea is always a good idea. Shannon is dressed in a long clear hooded mac and down exploring the raging flooded river near her new house. Grateful for the hood against the cold wind but the cold did not stop her having a little paddle in her red wellies. This will be a great spot for wading when the raging torrent slows down a little. I was in a red rukka mac with purple boots and gloves when we discovered this little boat yard and mooring area. The outfit was perfect fro this sort of venue even though the ducks were not that friendly!
Beautiful ladies in rain suits are something that we have had a lot of compliments about over the years and especially from DJ Doug and Ivan H both who will admit it to being one of their favourite sights, with Dough saying the heavier the outfit the better the ladies look. Here is Violet in a heavy green rain suit with the bib pants done up over the top of the jacket which she removes to show off the delightful hooded rain jacket. For Shannon it was red rain suit with red rubber boots and gloves. This tight fitting outfit does show off Elyssia in a most enticing way.

Update 21st February
2x HD Video Clips
158 pics
High Definition Video Featuring
7 m ins 25 secs - 544 mb

Shannon exploring her new surroundings in a navy mac and then in a yellow rain suit and waders.
High Definition Video Featuring
15 m ins 00 secs - 1008 mb

White knee high socks and plimsolls and then putting on boots, always a lovely sight.

Shannon has moved house and is keen to explore her new area and what better way to do it than first in a beautiful long hooded navy mac and checking out the snowdrops. Then finding a stone wall and then a river bridge to climb about on after hooding herself against the cold wind was when she came across the flooded marsh land it was time to change into a yellow rain suit and waders. The marsh was not as deep as she hoped but still enjoyed herself as she waded through the muddy water and ended up crawling out of it, just because she could.
Knee high socks and putting on boots does look so very good when completed so thinks 'The Man from Dallas' and it something we are delighted to do as the final effect is very pleasing to see. In white knee high socks and white plimsolls and then putting on very heavy black and red wellies, the red to go with the delightful red trench coat I am wearing. Then a little chore of feeding the dog. The effect with the socks appearing over the top of the boots is quite beautiful. Then in patterned socks and black plimnsolls I put on black and white boots to go with the retro black and white mac and then added black and white gloves and umbrella before venturing outdoors to top up the bird feeder and close the gate.


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